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Bailo, How are you? Sorry for the delay in responding to your questions. Now then, let’s put things in proper perspective.
The exchanges could have been a fruitful one hadn’t been for your maligning and miscalculating comments. Here is why I said that:

“In essence, you, Does the above mean that PDOIS is responsible for The Gambia’s current state of political affairs? Not the British Colonialists! Not the PPP! Not A(F)PRC! Certainly, not your UDP/NRP coalition! If so, that’s incredible! Mbamah kokoh!” Bailo Jallow

Balio, no matter how much i disagree with you, I will never resort to sectioning you in a corner that you didn’t explicitly place yourself. Seriously, I have never in any of my writings associated or declare my support for UDP/NRP, never.
What give you the assumption that, I support those two parties and not PDOIS? Haven’t you ever read politicians disagreeing with their party policies and strategies? The labour party is a good example. Many of its MP’s voted against Blair’s actions and voice their anger at certain party lines. Again, the Democratic Party in U.S, don’t we see the congressmen and women disagreeing over policy and strategy. Did Bush campaign for McCain? In-fact, few days ago the conservative party in Britain brought back one of the party’s biggest critic, Ken Clark. Our exchanges shouldn’t make us the subject matter of the discussions, when that happen, the facts get buried and emotions takes over.
I engage in online debates purely for intellectual reasons. However, the UDP AND NRP are legitimate political parties operating with due regards to the Gambia’s rule of law and trying their best to promote tolerance and democratic values. I will not be embarrassed or fear anyone in declaring my support for them if I so wish. Cowardice is never a thing i associate with my short comings.
Bailo, the PDOIS is not responsible for the Gambia’s whole problems. What i accuse them of is simple and straight forward. But i expected the Calvary to charges no doubt. I am not sure whether the likes of Apha Robinson would have been pleased at your posture considering their radicalism during the PPP era. The irony is that, the crew that were well known for their radicalism during Jawara’s time are now no were to be heard. I wonder why? The scrutiny i reiterate that PDOIS subjected the Jawara regime to, if they could just do half of that now, things may be better.
Before going to the questions, the Mandinkas would most likely say "woi ntii mba" before mbama kokoh.
Please let’s not engage in what Saddin Sardar would called “distorted imaginations”. Take me for what i present myself as.
Your questions Bailo:

“assuming that all your above statement was factual, what’s the problem from your perspective?” Bailo.

I guess you don’t need me to repeat myself again Bailo. I stated what I know to be the reasons why Jammeh is ruling us today the way he wants. This is because he can always claim to be democratic and at best Pan-Africanist. The constitution that PDOIS’S executive vigorously advocated for is the same constitution that Yahya is using bulling every one of his opponents. Notwithstanding holding his head high in international conferences and diplomatic gatherings, why? Because he is ruling us allegedly according to constitutional democracy.

“Is it PDOIS’s optimism that “it was all in their favourâ€�” Bailo

Where they optimistic? I am not aware of that. What i know is that PDOIS has a firm intention to assume power in the Gambia. This ambition cannot be clouded by any intellectual oratory or personal simplicity. The reasons why the PDOIS started writing secretive underground news papers is to pave the way for their full recognition today and influence the thinking and mindset of many intelligent sons and daughters of the Gambia. This is not just to parade them as socialist – democrat but actually as a base to promulgate their ideology and political goals fulfilment.

“or PDOIS’s “ total defiance of military ban on all political parties�? Why then didn’t other parties join PDOIS in their total defiance of the military junta’s ban on all political parties?” Bailo.

Well, which other parties? The PPP was overthrow and the NCP and GPP leaders were among the average Gambians who feel the ban was “unreasonable and unjustifiable” SM Dibba direct words and Hasan Musa stated at the time “however long a night may be, it most break into days”. This shows that, those party leaders accepted the degree banning them with a heavy heart. They were both into politics since independence.
The defiance of PDOIS! The most publicise bravado of the leaders is always mention in many occasions. What that defiance did was gave them the opportunity to test their radical postures. I was pleased that, they defy the junta. But in terms of evident and tangible result, what did that defiance produce? I will hasten to say it did accord them political platform in strengthening their claims to being genuine politicians
The PDOIS nullified their defiance by propagating us to accept a flawed constitution. The reasoning to me is nothing but the notion that, they stand a better chance of gaining power after the transition is over and normal political service resumes. Again Bailo, the party leaders under estimated the trickery of the Junta. The Junta uses every available brain willing to work with them in learning about our country’s political games. The "Nyaye conpins" which was started by PS Njie in Banjul was utilise to the full, the traditional elders and the youth wings were all set up. PDOIS’S grand plan disappeared in tin air when Jammeh declared his candidacy.
Another sad episode for the PDOIS was the lack of confidence Gambians has on them when the bans were lifted. The newly formed UDP AND NRP overwhelming surpass them in support and following.
Bailo, the saying that, “any publicity is good publicity” is true. The PDOIS should listen to critics and learn from what they say. Trying to section critics and align them with rival parties will not result in any gains for them. By the way, i spoke with both Sedia and Suwaibou about my concerns. I also did spoke to Ousainou and Ebou Manneh as well some UDP people in U.S. This goes the same way with the PDOIS Diaspora key supporters. I try understanding the issues in our politics. Bailo, many debates here are a repetition, i can sense that.
The claims that the PDOIS influence lot of Gambian BUHABAS is true to an extent. But the Gambia today has many buhabas that don’t also agree with the PDOIS. Our country can pride itself of producing competent individuals in every field of academic learning. How many sociologists do we have? How many IT experts are out there? How many brilliant lawyers, accountants, bankers, engineers , doctors, geologist, journalist etc do the country have? Plenty. The era has come for us to listen to alternative views and not judge other on flimsy grounds. No Gambian can today claim to be the master of any field singularly. That is a fact.

Thank you and wasalam.

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