Thursday, 29 April 2010


Quiet a fascinating narrative. It is in Bamana.

Gordon Brown's Gaffe

Listening to the radio 5 live in my car, i came to know of British prime Minister Gordon Brown's gaffe on a former labour voter. Blogger Gido Fox will be celebrating, however, what the gaffe has proven is that, Gordon Brown who is the current sitting prime Minsiter knows too well the over hype attention on immigration is unnecessary.

Gordon was right. Too many British voters are scared to death of the 'order' by pseudo racist politicians of the UKIP, BNP and the Tories (bird of the same feathers). These three parties never fail to back the bombing of any far away country. The main movers in those parties are all involve in shady business empires that benefit more than any on the resources in far away lands. In lands of the people they would rather see the Almighty destroy.

The wars on Iraq and Afghanistan has increase the number of destabilise people. Yet the conservative spin doctors and the UKIP hate to see a face on their streets that don't look like them. These politicians are outright hypocrites. They live in places that no immigrant reach. They are scare mongering the British politicians on none existence fears. But as Marlyn Manson ably said "fear generate wealth and power".
Gordon Brown knows, the lady was only repeating what she heard on the news, from bigoted politicians.
Immigrants are blame for everything now. The Jobs, the increase load on public services etc. What this two face politicians aren't saying is that, no British employer employs an immigrant should white British person with his red British passport came forward for that job.
We have witness many often employers calling people for interview, only to interview just British and politely send away those with immigrant accent or background.
The hypocrisy is so deafening. The overwhelming number of immigrants in England are over qualify for the little back room jobs they do. Many cleaners are degree holders, many security officers are graduates, many factory workers can be managers etc, yet this jobs they do just to get by is seen like an alien invasion. Talk about racism re-invented.
And the worst of all, the news media is siding with the rogue politicians. Commentators like John Pinaar of five live is openly anti-labour. The good thing now for Gordon Brown is that, many early settlers in England who are hard working, pay their taxes are law abiding that wish to abandon labour for the liberals will come back.
Brown's gaffe is not so bad after all. We have seen that, bigotry against us is so high now, David Cameroon is smiling all over the place. The pretty boy is a danger.

The current U.K immigration policy is such that, Phil Wollers has made it impossible for even genuine students to come and read in England. The harsh immigration laws and policies cannot be any worst. Yet Wollers is not able to put his point across that, he has damage the students, workers and many other status of countless immigrant people.

Phil Wollers and Gordon Brown aren't bad people after all. They are responding the new phenomenon, 'acceptable bigotry'. Say you want polish, not to talk of Africans or Asians to leave, you will be a celebrity.
The movers in conservative England are dangerous, however, the world is not in 1981 or 1997. People are conscious of racism in all its sophisticated forms, Ian Duncan Smith's racialist social research think tank is a hoax.

We the immigrant community are never invited to say anything about issues affecting us. The psychological tormenting that the U.K border agency has implemented is causing serious mental issues in detention centres across England. Yet a labour government that initiate such draconian measures against immigrants is seen as not though enough. God help humanity.
Well done Gordon, although apologise to the lady.


After ordering Kairaba, I thought like the initial complaint from the first people to place their orders, mine too will take a longer period. However, it only took one day for the book to arrive.
Thanks to Tomdom publishers.

The first impressions of the books is that of the rich cateloques of pictures in the book. From IM Garba Jahumba, Sanjaly Bojang, Kwame Nkruma, Senghore, Serief Ceesay, Bai Nyassi, SM Dibba, and the many other memorable photos. Jawara indeed did a remarkable thing.
The chapter spread is also such that, one can start from the section you prefer, however, I will commence from the first chapter Kairo to chapter 33 retirement.

I hope the book can give us an insight into politics in those days, enabling us to compare where things went wrong, why Jawara was soft on the corrupt officials, how the coup was possible and the lesson to learn.
I have put aside all others books to focus on fulfilling my curiosity on Kairaba. I am past half way of reading Mandela's long walk to Freedom and the few pages of former British Prime Minister John Majors autobiography, but until i finish Kairaba, ales.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Correcting False Assumptions On Ousainou

lamin Sey's misguided notion of Ousainou

You generalising your points in the reply. Please i want you to curtail your reactions to the Gambian situation and defend Darboe on those points.
I agree with Oceanic on his points especially what modou Nyang quoted from his story.Please elaborate on why Darboe is justified to leave sedia Sanyang and others and jump into the senegalese embassy,why he accepted on National television to be the son of Yahya Jammeh, why he conceded the election before consulting the party masses and why after losing with big margins two elections, he can’t still give chance to someone else.
You failed to answer the issues you raise yourself, however you are willing to repeat statements which don't qualify anyone of being brave.
What you are doing my friend is easier and without bragging I can do that much better. Analysing what we assume to be a weakness or failings of others.
Yes Darboe did indeed took temporal refuge in the Senegalese Embassy. That decision was as a result of a sound advice. The 1996 election every mentally stable Gambian knows was rigged. May be you are just flowing with wind, this is why you are looking for the irrelevant in a grand political debate.
The UDP is a party with an hierarchy like any political party. So your attempt to be divisive is simplistic and lazy. Darboe's actions are by mutual agreement with the party executives, just like Obama work with a team. He takes credit but the decisions is a unanimous one. The deputy party leader Yahya Jallow, Dr Ceesay, Femi Peters, Ebou Manneh, Dembo Bojang, Rambo, Mr Nyassi, Kemeseng, and many others Lamin help shape the decisions Darboe takes, and if that includes security arrangements, so it is.

And moreover, we cannot divorce the Gambian case with other more mature democracies. I made clear here even our hero Mandela did seek refuge in the houses of white people, a people he laid down his life fighting against. And remember even in the past American elections, Obama was on serious alerts from sickos my friend. this is why the United Stated government have secret bunkers to safeguard the leaders. Leaders must be protect at all cost, if not anarchy prevails my friend.

Killers, dictators, tyrants and murderers are all the same. It doesn't matter whether one is a Gambian, Malian, American or British. Yahya is no different from Qaddafi, Mubarak, the late Abacha, Mabuto etc. They all have one thing in common, to kill or jail for their personal wealth fulfilment.
Islam a religion that urge it followers to be brave and stand firm for truth and justice advise the adherents to lie if one's life is danger and by doing so one will save his life. So taking precaution means living to fight another day.
In 1996, the election was the first by the Junta. And at the time Lamin the boys have already spilled first blood. Once you kill unjustly, there is no stopping you. Yahya at the time can do anything, he was inexperience at manipulations and dirty politics as he is today.
Darboe rightly avoided a loss to his life by calling the international bodies at the risk his life was under. You may view that as cowardly. But Mr Sey, sometimes the best answers come when we put ourselves in the situation of others. If Darboe was murdered then, do you think his supporters were going to sit back and watch? Would Lamin Sey face the firing squad smiling? I doubt it.
You may not care about a man call Lawyer Darboe, you may wish the worst for him, since to you his living or dying may not matter. However, there are those who care about Darboe and what he stands for.
Yahya today knows the ramifications of killing a leader of an opposition outfit now, hence he goes for small fish to frustrate them.
Darboe never referred to Yahya as his father. You must remember with all of Yahya's evils he is a human being, a Gambian. There is a joking relationship between the Jammehs and Darboes.
Darboe's law career alone enforces a man with steel and ethics. So for you to say, Sedia Sanyang and co were left to dry is baseless banal nonsence.
You may be favouring some politicians who haven't yet manage to gain the threat in political terms Darboe has, however, the vision of UDP is to have a Gambia were peace and love will be the central agenda of the party. Yes, we know more needs to be done, but should we allow Yahya Jammeh to push us into killing one another?
Yahya jammeh is jailing, some people disappeared, others killed, and we want our anger at him to result in us killing one another, where is the mutual love? Why should violence be the only way for us to resolve our differences?
If you and others who dislike Darboe believes he should form a militia and fight Jammeh, then turn your attention to other leaders. Remember you have options out there Lamin.
And the assertion to the 2006 fail unity is the fault every single one of our leaders. Should lessons be learn yes, should they be talking now yes.
However, if you too continue to make the mistake of blaming Darboe because you can, then my friend your misjudgement of Darboe will be compounded. I know you may not care about cleaning your faculties of such, however your agendas will be exposed anytime.
Why do you think many of our brave journalist leave the Gambia? I will encourage you to read Ibrahim Chongan's book, and see how barbaric Yahya is. Remember this happens in the early days, the period when only Darboe's party mount any serious challenge to the AFPRC/APRC. The period when the UDP was form for less two to three months before the elections. Lamin, you don't need to kike Darboe to appreciate risks and sacrifices he made. I know politics is about perceptions, but give credit where it is due.

What it will take for the situation we are all under to end is for us to advise Gambians not to vote for Yahya. We should also try to advise our leaders to talk. However even if there is no united opposition, let them continue doing their best. Hopefully, the era of the current guys will pass with great pain, others will come in. This is a continuous carry on job. It is like what the Iranian writer depicts:

Ali shariati (on the capability of men to rid themselves of tyranny)
"there is no need to be a passive subservient to authority
Man as a choice, a struggle, a constant becoming
He is an infinite migration, a migration within himself
From clay to God; he is a migrant within his own soul"
Suntou Bolonba

Lamin Sey’s response

I believe we would never agree here. Anyway, I want the opposition to win but my hands are tight. So as Oceanic said;You talk to UDP and Nyang to PDOIS.I hope we can make a headway.
Thanks for the sound ideas. I rest my case.

My response to Lamin Sey

I am not here to agree or disagree with anyone. As i said, life is about perspective, and we are all influence by many varied things, some cultural, ethnic, education, friends, feelings and many more complex deep seated believes.

Have you ever seen lovers become enemies? Have you ever seen love gone mental, hate, not talking, kids separated? Well if you have then, remember, I don't know you, and unless I am mistaken, you don't know me.
Therefore, all we are doing here is to share our little time, as Gambians.Your perception of Ousainou is for you to handle, all I am doing is put it to you that, the many things you accused him of are fables.
I know, some of our brave journalist will lean towards your misconstrued judgement. But I can tell you this, even they are disturbed by deep seated bias.
So no one is immune from error of judgement. Remember those who write and blame Ousainou themselves largely disappeared of the face of the Gambia with the slightest Jammeh threats, yet for them the threat cannot remotely be compared to the numerous Ousainou encountered.
So you do understand, I am not here to convince you, but to put a different version of event across, an endeavour you may not even like since that will derail the false assumptions you are repeating.
You will notice that politics is part of everything we do. A lot of Gambians would quip that, they are not interested in politics. Nothing is far from the truth.
From the first time you laid your eyes on a certain sister, to dressing up for her, pretending you don't notice her. To waiting at street corners, passing by to the day you muster the courage to say hello, Lamin is all politics of the mundane level.
Now lets come to looking for job, travelling to America, living in America, the works you do, the daily routine, politics is filled into it all.

What is of importance is that, since we are comfortable with the progress of America or Europe, we are uninterested in our own dire stagnant predicament. Because building up an interest would mean, getting distress on daily basis, feeling disappointed, and many more. Hence, we would like to look for the self-interest things and marvel at that, avoiding the reality of our failings.
Ousainou has made himself uncomfortable, like him or not he has stood the heat and will continue to do so.
Thanks in any case.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lamin Sey's misguided opinion on Lawyer Darboe

The oceanic lad is a straight forward guy, you see fankung dont man him.
Darboe is a great lawyer but a poor politician. The opposition needs to rethink their strategy. You should talk to your PDOIS and Suntou to UDP. Thanks guys.” Lamin sey
Suntou’s response:
It will be good if you can help with your definition of a good politician.
We learn new things every day, hence your explanation may foster better understanding of politics to many.
I remember hearing Senator McCain telling Americans that, Obama is not an experience man to lead the country, however politics is not about sweet words and bravado.
And it will also be good if you can tell us who you think is a good politician in the Gambia right now.
Kejau, you are right, the political parties require our support, after which they should expect our scrutiny.
Lamin Sey’s response:
“A good politician is someone pragmatic, fearless, innovative, a good Listener and willing to give chance to others.
I hope i answered your question Bolongba. Kejau,we not fighting but discussing. Thanks” Lamin Sey
Suntou’s response:
Fortunately Darboe embodied all of your criteria and even more. Your definition is very restrictive and narrow. Fearlessness is not about the readiness to kill or be killed; it is staying the cause, and avoiding dangerous antics. Darboe's unwillingness to be dragged into a civil strife doesn't in any way means he is afraid. In fact, take a look at political struggles across the globe, how many leaders did you see that is killed? Nearly zero.
We are all against people who die whilst taking others with them. So bravery should be a judge in a sensible way.
The likely scenario is that, in case of civil unrest in the Gambia, Yahya will avoid harming the leaders, that is how dictators operate. Foday Sanko, Charles Taylor, Bagbo of Ivory Coast, Tijan Kabba of Siera Leon, the Kenyan debacle and many others. The masses are there to lose, and I am sure, Lamin Sey will do everything in protecting his families and close relatives.
Hence the Mandingo proverb that "many talk of starting a fight, but few stand to witness it occurrence". If you think Darboe is scared, then you are mistaken my friend.
Remember I am not in any way saying other methods of ending the dictatorship of Yahya shouldn't be utilise, what I am saying is that, Darboe is using the political process, and in essence that means, he should preach his message and leave it to Gambians. Yahya's continuous dictatorship is our collective fault. Today, Yahya is not in charge of taking innocent Gambians to jail. He has lots of Gambian willing to do that job for him. Just today, a friend on my facebook page is calling on Gambians to vote for Yahya in 2011 elections. Guess where this man is residing? London.
Yahya will hardly ever try to arrest Darboe. He knows that will play against him.
You alluded that, Darboe should give chance to others, give chance to who? You will do me a big favour if you say who the UDP should allow Darboe to give chance to.
Let me remind you that, Darboe never stand between the Presidency of the Gambia and anyone, so your assertion is lame. The UDP still prefer Darboe as their leader and that is the choice of the party supporters, what do you want Darboe to do?
I can sense what you are trying to say, however, I will leave it to you to clarify the riddle.
Lamin Sey can easily become the bravery he is talking about, all of us have equal stakes in the Gambia, and the job is open for each and anyone of us. I am calling on the Masena Torros, Fulbe Firdu, Mandingos, Wolof, Serre, Jola, Njakos etc to be as brave as Lamin Sey.


One of the best ever song by a Malian female singer (Jali Ngara) in support feminism. The song extol women to be proud of themselves, be happy that they are women.
Kandia said, women can achieve anything in life. They should never degrade themselves, belittle themselves or allow anyone to violate them.
This song should dismantle the old fears of having a daughter. People tend to be more happy if the wife had a boy, this Kandia is singing against.
She is calling on Black women, Africa women, she said " I am your musician".
Being a women should never a problem, be elegant, humble and modest.
Fathers and mothers should provide the best facilities for their daughters to have a good start in live.
Kandia further name great women who never felt disappointed that, they are women, she said those women always achieve the best in live.

My criticism of Kandia is that, in the old days, the pressure of the music industry did not push her to tamper with her complextion. She was a black beauty, nothing is more beautiful than unblemished black woman. Sadly, she too has tamper in some way with her youthful black gold colour.

I hail this song the best by a west African woman for women.


Wednesday, 5 September, 2007 22:36:38Subject: Re: WHY IS PDOIS OR NADD MISUNDERSTOOD

This is a reply to Suntou from Halifa Sallah. Jow, Interesting !! can you forward this message to Suntu either in private or through the L as you think properHalifa

My dear Suntu, You appear to be a man of conscience and religion is basically about faith and conscience. Stand firm on your own moral ground and seek for inspiration that is capable of moving you further towards your better self. I will share my thoughts on the subject in a constructive and inspiring way when time permits. However, I would like to inform you that farmers in Wuli are more enlightened on the subject of PDOIS and religion than the people you are alluding to.

The danger for PDOIS has not been the allegation you mentioned. Our approach to civic education had led people to say that we were preachers on a moral crusade rather than politicians seeking political office.I admit that at the beginning some people in the PPP did try to associate PDOIS with the aim to destroy mosques and put an end to marriage life .We used to share hearty laughter with the farmers when we asked them to quantify the number of Muslims and married couples in the country and then reason whether few PDOIS leaders, who want to win a subsequent election, would be capable of using force to destroy all the mosques and churches and dissolve all marriages in the Gambia and still turn to the people again to seek their mandate to rule.

We also used to ask where PDOIS will get the security men without faith and loved ones to impose the dictatorship of the unmarried and the faithless on those who have faith and marital partners in a society which claims to be 95 per cent Muslims and 4 per cent Christians. In all cases, the farmers would become impatient with such ridiculous allegations and urge us to go on with our sensitisation and forget what they often describe as foolish comments. I assure you that when I have the time to clarify issues your inspiration will increase a thousand fold. I want to assure you that PDOIS is not misunderstood. PDOIS’s messages are in booklets and cassettes and the fact that some of us refuse to accept posts in a government taken by force does not make our practice reconcilable with any Patriarchal or despotic regime.

What never cease to amaze me is that most Gambians subscribe to the view that the country should have a multi party political system yet few take the time to study and compare the principles, policies, programmes and practices of the different parties to make informed choices. Most of our people find themselves sleeping on grass mattresses infected with lice and bed bugs and sharing water with the larvae. They wear tattered clothes and shoes. Many of us are still proud to carry Avian water bottles to the countryside for fear that drinking water from the jars will lead to all sorts of infections.

The way forward to put and end to this state of destitution, degradation and ignorance should occupy the minds ofGambians whenever we meet. What political parties say and do to address the deficit in liberty and prosperity in the country should constitute meaningful political discourse. Halifa

Friday, 23 April 2010


OceanicI felt your rampant attack on Ousainou is unjustified. In as much as i applaud you reminding us of Femi's imprisonment, however, you are not making any sense in matters of UDP. Yahya Jammeh can anytime go into Ousainou's home, arrest him or kill him, why because he knows who he is and what he stand for. In fact Ousainou law career is distroyed because of his stance.Can we say the same thing for you? Hell no.
Who knows who the Tiger Oceanic residing miles away from the territory of Yahya Jammeh is? I for one don’t know and I am sure quiet a lot of people here don’t know who the brave Tiger is either. Criticising Ousainou is one thing, but if that borders on irrational vendetta, then you are doing the wrong thing in a public life issue.
You claimed that, you sympathise with PDOIS. That naturally made you an opponent of UDP and Ousainou. Why can’t you advise the leadership of that party and leave the UDP alone with their chosen leader. UDP chose Ousainou as the man to lead them, why should that boil your blood to such an extent you make petty irresponsible statement against Ousainou who has sacrifice more than you have for the cause of freedom and liberating the Gambia.

Indeed Mandela’s ANC spend close to fifty years fighting apartheid. The number of blacks in South Africa is close to being 4 to 1 against the whites. However, the tiny amount of white inhabitants held millions of blacks to ransom for decades. You are failing to recognise that, dictatorship all over the world is a state of mind also. Dictators possess something their opponent haven’t.
Yahya Jammeh does not scare Ousainou, and Yahya more than any other knows that very well. However, is it Yahya who actually jail, kill or exile our people? Yes and no. He has cadres of willing Gambians who are ready and willing to do as he like. Just like South Africa, Ethiopia, The Sudan, Egypt, etc, where dictators are holding or have held the people to ransom, the Gambia too must go through this phrase with utmost care.
Oceanic, your rage is spurn by arrogant bias against the person of Ousainou. A commando like you shouldn’t have any problem exposing to us your real identity, thereby even going back to the Gambia and form your political party.
Ousainou is not forcing you or anyone to support him. Oceanic for all we know, you can be the man we are all waiting for to salvage our freedom. Stand tall and brave, we will be eager to embrace a saviour.The UDP don’t require Oceanic’s ill-advice, in fact, contrary to what you stated, Yahya knows with a free and fair elections, the UDP can win without any coalitions.

The reason you cheaply chastise Ousaiou might be to appeal to a tiny section in here. However, you will fail in the erroneous misinformation like others. Yes, Ousianou is not a military eliminator like you, but he surely fears no Yahya Jammeh. What Ousainou fears are the likelihood of mass death should Yahya be confronted with scared Gambians like you who can only brag behind pen names. If you are ready for a sudden change of Government, please put forward a proposal and call on like minded Gambians, hopefully in fifty years time you will gain the numbers to confront Yahya’s army.
For us in UDP, we shall continue to pursue a democratic peaceful end to the political imbalances. No amount UDP or Ousainou criticism will push us into violent confrontation. Oceanic, be brave, identify yourself, form a militant wing, and call on Gambians, you never know who is thinking like you are.
As for the PPP communist tag of PDOIS, well Halifa rebuff that claim two years ago. You may have to consult with him before prancing on with that decade old stigma.Oceanic did you know that, Nelson Mandela use to hide even white sympathisers houses for fear of getting arrested? Who is Mandela to us all today? A symbol of what Ossy Davies once outtered, "..our black manhood..".
Femi Peters knows more than anyone that, Ousainou cares about him more than all key board commandos. These two men have worked together for over 15 years; no amount of hate filled comments can divide them.
So as i made it clear to you, what Ousainou is doing to free Peters is what the ANC did in trying to get Mandela free; using the legal system. The system is corrupt, unjust and unfair, yet Martin Luther King uses the racist courts, Gandhi uses the racist courts etc. So Ousainou is just doing what venerated freedom fighters did in the past.
I am sure your dislike of Ousainou is no big deal, in your personal live, many would dislike you for nothing, and hence we at the UDP don’t give any significance to such unnecessary human failings.
Finally, what the editor of Foroyaa is saying is that, people like you, who can confidently attack behind pen names are not worth engaging. And I agree with him or her on that score. If you said you love to see a free Gambia, then the party you support should benefit from your supporting them. It is not just about defending Halifa to the death, Halifa can do that for himself, what the party is querring is simply that ' The talk is enough, politics is money and time' what is your contribution Oceanic? Thank you.
This exchange happen in the Gambiapost forums.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Joe, my head is always up, I never put any interest in the work of STDG, hence I don't know who is who in there. When i came across the Pasamba forward, I took the opportunity to listen. To my chagrin, there i heard you talking. I know Joe speak as he sees it, however, when one is involve in diplomatically bringing together diverse political groups, one should remember his/her public comments.This is why, in all sensitive dialogues, even the media is sideline until a breakthrough is achieve. The Northern Ireland political situation is a classic example.

From what I heard yesterday, you didn't say anything bordering on favouring your party (PDOIS) as against the rest. Where you guys are still missing the point is that, Halifa is not a politician who will accept the invitation of Ousainou. You guys are looking at him as if you don't know how Halifa operates. We all know from Halifa's past write-ups , the STDG is the last group he gives any credence to. I can provide his own written proof to that effect. The STDG's efforts are commendable, but it is my strong belief that, its members need to be aware of the ramifications of their public individual statements.

What Joe says in an open and frank manner, can be a serious hindrance through your involvement in apolitical movement.I am not in any way trying to stop the good members here benefiting from your honest opinions. However, so far as partisan politics is concern, we need to have confidence in your neutrality, if not all you say will bounce of concrete walls. Joe's views equals Halifa's party line, and that will only come clear whenever you try your best hammering Ousainou and UDP.I can handle your criticism of Ousainou, and so can Ousainou, this is why, I don't get bog down in bitter exchanges. But the STDG cannot be complaining of people turning on each whilst many of its members sympathise openly with Halifa. I respect the views of Sika Jagne, sorry sister for spelling your name wrongly. She said some good stuffs, and I for one can trust her brokeage.

Banka too express sound opinions, however he too seems to have place the burden of the work on UDP. We accept the reasoning, but he fail also to know that, Halifa is not a politician who thinks others should invite him for dialogue. The Agenda 2011 is a proof of that. And Banka by the way, the Agenda 2011 is only being sold to guys in the cyberspace, not to Gambians on the ground. And that Agenda is Halifa certificate, telling us all that, only through bargaining with it will he agree to the selection of a flagbearer. A process that will take only those who agree with the content of the document, which will in short be PDOIS members.The rest of the UDP, NRP, and others are left out.The final analysis meaning, Halifa will be voted in as the NADD flagbrearer, resulting in what happen the last time.

From the get go, all the party leaders should have trust and confidence in STDG. STDG should be bold as to say, we propose a party led alliance, with the bigger party leading the coalition. Then the parties on that basis can sit down and agree on how the modalities will work. Any other option of saying, the party leaders should talk directly, it will not work that way according to my observation. Trust and confidence in each other is the problem.
All the opposition leaders must solemnly agree to keep the negotiation proceeding secret. A chosen person should be selected to write down all sides of the story. And then, where they agree or disagree, the public can then be informed. If individuals wish to talk to the press whilst talks are ongoing, making themselves look stronger, there will never be any agreement. STDG as i said is in a pivotal position to rekindle a delicate deadlock. None of our leaders will lie down for the other. Trust and confidence is the key.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


The editor of have celebrated his graduation few days ago. The picture galore seems to have offended a section of the readership. Below is my response to the


Haruna, your Ndokeh is pulling on fragile legs again. Going by the headline, 'all about me' is enough testimony that Pa meant the pictures in a humorous way. However, some have started getting a wee bit agitated over an innocent self-portrait. I believe a little exhibition is no crime, after all the best and worst thing a man can utter is the praise he heaps on himself.The Arabs do say that, the most dangerous harm a man can do is exaggerate his abilities, since that will mean, no way back.

Another ancient Arab warrior was once question as to why he always won in fighting completion's, his answer is as follows: He told the questioner," It is easy to demonstrate the difference between me and you when we try an endurance test." They agreed on biting each other's finger.Here Haruna, there is no unequal advantage, both men have sharp Darboe kunda like teethes. The battle began, fingers in mouth together and they began biting each other, in a split second, the challenger pull out. The warrior wrestler then said, "why did you pull out", the challenger said, i can't bear the pain, there the wrestler concluded his wisdom in battles."I won fights because i can endure more than many, on the pain, i felt pain just like you do no question, but i can go the extra mile whilst you can't." The wisdom here Haruna is that, your Ndokeh over the years has done remarkable things for the media. This is not to say he hasn't trespass againt some people. The media sometimes comes with such hazards. Pa is moving on, although he still needs to stay on course to perfecting his art.Many lambast him on mere competitive grounds. His paper is undoubtedly the most widely read, and for that some of his rivals will come after him.Pa is ahead of some of the media moguls in terms detachment.

Some of the mega ego editors can't afford publishing an article they show else where. Their compliant is that, the quality of editorial is starkly different. This is true, however, why can't they go ahead and publish the item thereby demonstrating their abilities?Pa is also very much independent than some of the editors. Some editors would ask friends or confide in others before publishing items. If their more dominant friend gives a tombs down, then they wouldn't bother. Pa on the other hand is his own man.

The big headed men in our media circles can't stand Pa on his unconventional style. Can we say hands on heart that, the countries whose democracy, civil liberty and advance social reasoning we hope to emulate don't have papers that goes by the style they think give them a competitive advantage?The Freedom newspaper needs room for improvement. This is also true for all the grammatical perfect (so they say) editors. Pa's editorials might not be palatable to everyone, but should that cause us heart attack? Pluralism is a dogma we all run to, and hardlyy spend any tangible second waiting for a cup of tea.

By the way, i don't work for Pa and neither did I ever see him. Should he also trespass against Gambians, I will equally have my say. Pa is also politically independent. He has his go at all the leaders whilst others can't. They will more or less use alter egos to attack Ousainou for instance whilst heaping praise on their chosen candidates.

Even the Former NADD leader is a regular comtributor there now and for us at the UDP, we have always been at all the papers. It is your day Pa, one can attain any qualification now a days without seeing a single professor, life is much advance. Let us embrace technology, people can publish books by themselves, etc

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Price of Duty: Retired Col. Chongan's book

The Price of Duty, A most Read memoir:
Alpha Ibrahim Chongan’s record of his security career and eventual imprinsoment by the military junta of Yahya Jammeh is an educative and emotional book. The magnitude of the intolerable inhumane maltreatment meted out on them by fellow servicemen is both unbelievable and revolting.
Chogan’s overall rise in the Gambia Gendarmerie, later co-opted into the police force to the rank of deputy inspector General with the relative prestige, to a bereaved prisoner expose a sharp contrast.
The career of retired Major Chongan exhibit dedication, courage and servitude to the nation of the Gambia. Born into a family of highly respectable linage, bordering on Fulbe and Wollof ethnicity, his father a former senior police officer, Chongan wore the shirt of the Gambia gendarmerie and later police force with pride and honesty. His career was sadly cut short by the marauding buffoon of the semi-illiterate junta.
The good thing for young Gambians like me in the writing of the book is the shear level of historical facts loaded in a personal account of a courageous Gambian. Young Gambians will undoubtedly benefit immensely by reading the book and reflecting over the accounts. It makes us wonder, how easy men among us can inflict harm on fellow countrymen on truncated charges and cooked up malicious allegations.
The memoir also recounts the courage of former magistrate Bory Touray who bravely throw out the charges against Chongan and his co-conspirators. The Junta at their behest were merciless and lacking care. Bory by all accounts acted diligently for an inexperience magistrate.
The general experience of Alpha Ibrahim Chongan and co were gruesome to say the least. The tails of September the 6th mock execution alone is enough to cause harden men nervous breakdown and panic attacks.
Interestingly the initiator of that scandal, the infamous Sana Sabally himself later run occupied a notorious prison cell.
The paranoia and state of fear inflicted on innocent service men is shameful and requiring a public enquiry if decency prevails.
The book equally revealed that, Yahya Jammeh exploit torture techniques in demoralising and vilifying detainees after Sabally’s arrest. This fact proof that President Jammeh authorises and is aware of human rights violations against defenceless Gambians.
Mr Ibrahim Chongham should be commended for his efforts in setting the records straight, correcting certain misinformation, and bringing to light the incidences non-servicemen weren’t aware of. The false charges of November 11 coup, the alleged coup plots of Sabally and Hydara, the death of Hydara, the deaths of Lt. Basiru Barrow and others and the general prison lives in particular bears testimony to the need in writing the book.
Finally, the experiences of Chongan have toughened him in facing any difficult situation encountered. Arriving in the U.K, he completed a law undergraduate and later a post-graduate degree sealing it by been called to the Bar in London.
Chongan’s life story is a ray of hope for all people across national boundaries that are today facing dilapidating conditions under dictatorships.
I for one highly recommend this memoir.
Suntou Bolonba Touray

Shorter observation
A snap comment: the Price of Duty: A memoir of Ibrahim Chongan
Retired Major Alpha Ibrahim Chongan’s (Balangba) book provides a solid and sordid tails of utter brutality, crude barbarism and lack care in the hands of his captures. True to the spirit of gallantry and dedication to national service, he expose to us vital detail accounts of flagrant incidences of human rights abuses and cooked up charges against flawless servicemen. His long detention, truncated show trials, torture and betrayals by men he once serve with, placed him at an advantageous position to convey to us the truth about the July 22 1994 coup deta’ by Yahya Jammeh. The tears, uncertainity, anxiety and emotional overcharge made this book a breath of fresh air in the long narratives of July 22 1994. A most read memoir.
I enjoyed the book so much, i finished it in one night.
The authou i believe could have avoided labelling some few officers as using tribal connection to get promotion whilst not consistently using the same tag against other officers who belong to lesser tribes. The author experience a transformation in terms of spirituality. A man who pride himself in teethering on both pre-islamic paganism and Islamic scholarly heritage, became religious reading the bible and long chapters of the Qur'an.
Prison do indeed change people, and Chongan was no different.

Thursday, 8 April 2010


The permit to protest at the Gambian and Nigerian embassy is out. We are hereby calling on concern Gambians and people of conscience to join us in the noble cause.

Our party campaign manager has been arrested. Femi Peters must be free.

Yahya Jammeh's dictatorship should end now. We cannot allow him to continue tormenting defenseless Gambians.

Come and join us, have your say.

We have prepared placards, caps, the whole lot.

We will take a petition to the British Prime Minister's residence after the election God-Willing. The U.K is the biggest donor to the Gambia, the commonwealth office is base here. We have to make them hear us.

No one will alleviate our political problems for us. Enough of our silence in the safety of Europe, America etc.

Our Pan-Africanist brothers must also realise that, attacking and criticising the west unending is not the solution of our nightmares. We have to talk about our own manic dictators and their supporters.

Long live freedom in the Gambia.

Free Femi Peters now.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Date for demonstration: Femi Peters case

Very soon the UDP U.K and the Coalition for Human Right will announce a date for the plan demonstration at the Nigerian and Gambian embassy in London.
Please join us this endevour.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Femi Peters Is Jailed Against All Legal Wisdom

UDP Executive members at the Magistrate court indeed confirmed that, the errand boy Nigerian hustler have sentenced Femi Peters to one imprison for using a loud speaker and D10,000 fine for unlawful gathering. This sick Magistrate who careless about Gambia's democracy have given the tyrant another avenue to pardon Peters on compassionate grounds. We all know Yahay is playing prank, all he would do is just like he did with the Seven Journalist brothers.The sad President enjoy doing God.

UDP will appeal, but as usual, he will release Peters before such date on false compassionate grounds.We will plan to stage a demonstration at the Nigerian embassy, in association with Liberal parties in London very soon. The world have to know about this disgraceful Nigerians.

Yahya Jammeh is remote controlling all this mercenary magistrates, but it is up to Gambians to say enough is enough. This has to be done before our opposition leaders can stand up to the tyrant. The ball is in our court