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OceanicI felt your rampant attack on Ousainou is unjustified. In as much as i applaud you reminding us of Femi's imprisonment, however, you are not making any sense in matters of UDP. Yahya Jammeh can anytime go into Ousainou's home, arrest him or kill him, why because he knows who he is and what he stand for. In fact Ousainou law career is distroyed because of his stance.Can we say the same thing for you? Hell no.
Who knows who the Tiger Oceanic residing miles away from the territory of Yahya Jammeh is? I for one don’t know and I am sure quiet a lot of people here don’t know who the brave Tiger is either. Criticising Ousainou is one thing, but if that borders on irrational vendetta, then you are doing the wrong thing in a public life issue.
You claimed that, you sympathise with PDOIS. That naturally made you an opponent of UDP and Ousainou. Why can’t you advise the leadership of that party and leave the UDP alone with their chosen leader. UDP chose Ousainou as the man to lead them, why should that boil your blood to such an extent you make petty irresponsible statement against Ousainou who has sacrifice more than you have for the cause of freedom and liberating the Gambia.

Indeed Mandela’s ANC spend close to fifty years fighting apartheid. The number of blacks in South Africa is close to being 4 to 1 against the whites. However, the tiny amount of white inhabitants held millions of blacks to ransom for decades. You are failing to recognise that, dictatorship all over the world is a state of mind also. Dictators possess something their opponent haven’t.
Yahya Jammeh does not scare Ousainou, and Yahya more than any other knows that very well. However, is it Yahya who actually jail, kill or exile our people? Yes and no. He has cadres of willing Gambians who are ready and willing to do as he like. Just like South Africa, Ethiopia, The Sudan, Egypt, etc, where dictators are holding or have held the people to ransom, the Gambia too must go through this phrase with utmost care.
Oceanic, your rage is spurn by arrogant bias against the person of Ousainou. A commando like you shouldn’t have any problem exposing to us your real identity, thereby even going back to the Gambia and form your political party.
Ousainou is not forcing you or anyone to support him. Oceanic for all we know, you can be the man we are all waiting for to salvage our freedom. Stand tall and brave, we will be eager to embrace a saviour.The UDP don’t require Oceanic’s ill-advice, in fact, contrary to what you stated, Yahya knows with a free and fair elections, the UDP can win without any coalitions.

The reason you cheaply chastise Ousaiou might be to appeal to a tiny section in here. However, you will fail in the erroneous misinformation like others. Yes, Ousianou is not a military eliminator like you, but he surely fears no Yahya Jammeh. What Ousainou fears are the likelihood of mass death should Yahya be confronted with scared Gambians like you who can only brag behind pen names. If you are ready for a sudden change of Government, please put forward a proposal and call on like minded Gambians, hopefully in fifty years time you will gain the numbers to confront Yahya’s army.
For us in UDP, we shall continue to pursue a democratic peaceful end to the political imbalances. No amount UDP or Ousainou criticism will push us into violent confrontation. Oceanic, be brave, identify yourself, form a militant wing, and call on Gambians, you never know who is thinking like you are.
As for the PPP communist tag of PDOIS, well Halifa rebuff that claim two years ago. You may have to consult with him before prancing on with that decade old stigma.Oceanic did you know that, Nelson Mandela use to hide even white sympathisers houses for fear of getting arrested? Who is Mandela to us all today? A symbol of what Ossy Davies once outtered, "..our black manhood..".
Femi Peters knows more than anyone that, Ousainou cares about him more than all key board commandos. These two men have worked together for over 15 years; no amount of hate filled comments can divide them.
So as i made it clear to you, what Ousainou is doing to free Peters is what the ANC did in trying to get Mandela free; using the legal system. The system is corrupt, unjust and unfair, yet Martin Luther King uses the racist courts, Gandhi uses the racist courts etc. So Ousainou is just doing what venerated freedom fighters did in the past.
I am sure your dislike of Ousainou is no big deal, in your personal live, many would dislike you for nothing, and hence we at the UDP don’t give any significance to such unnecessary human failings.
Finally, what the editor of Foroyaa is saying is that, people like you, who can confidently attack behind pen names are not worth engaging. And I agree with him or her on that score. If you said you love to see a free Gambia, then the party you support should benefit from your supporting them. It is not just about defending Halifa to the death, Halifa can do that for himself, what the party is querring is simply that ' The talk is enough, politics is money and time' what is your contribution Oceanic? Thank you.
This exchange happen in the Gambiapost forums.

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Thanks Oceanic for bringing a closure to the remarks you made against Ousainou. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to address some misconceptions about the eminent UDP leader.