Tuesday, 20 April 2010


http://www.thegambiajournal.com/sambanner/spacialplayer2.php?sid=327 LISTEN TO STDG MEMBER WITH ML SILLAH:

Joe, my head is always up, I never put any interest in the work of STDG, hence I don't know who is who in there. When i came across the Pasamba forward, I took the opportunity to listen. To my chagrin, there i heard you talking. I know Joe speak as he sees it, however, when one is involve in diplomatically bringing together diverse political groups, one should remember his/her public comments.This is why, in all sensitive dialogues, even the media is sideline until a breakthrough is achieve. The Northern Ireland political situation is a classic example.

From what I heard yesterday, you didn't say anything bordering on favouring your party (PDOIS) as against the rest. Where you guys are still missing the point is that, Halifa is not a politician who will accept the invitation of Ousainou. You guys are looking at him as if you don't know how Halifa operates. We all know from Halifa's past write-ups , the STDG is the last group he gives any credence to. I can provide his own written proof to that effect. The STDG's efforts are commendable, but it is my strong belief that, its members need to be aware of the ramifications of their public individual statements.

What Joe says in an open and frank manner, can be a serious hindrance through your involvement in apolitical movement.I am not in any way trying to stop the good members here benefiting from your honest opinions. However, so far as partisan politics is concern, we need to have confidence in your neutrality, if not all you say will bounce of concrete walls. Joe's views equals Halifa's party line, and that will only come clear whenever you try your best hammering Ousainou and UDP.I can handle your criticism of Ousainou, and so can Ousainou, this is why, I don't get bog down in bitter exchanges. But the STDG cannot be complaining of people turning on each whilst many of its members sympathise openly with Halifa. I respect the views of Sika Jagne, sorry sister for spelling your name wrongly. She said some good stuffs, and I for one can trust her brokeage.

Banka too express sound opinions, however he too seems to have place the burden of the work on UDP. We accept the reasoning, but he fail also to know that, Halifa is not a politician who thinks others should invite him for dialogue. The Agenda 2011 is a proof of that. And Banka by the way, the Agenda 2011 is only being sold to guys in the cyberspace, not to Gambians on the ground. And that Agenda is Halifa certificate, telling us all that, only through bargaining with it will he agree to the selection of a flagbearer. A process that will take only those who agree with the content of the document, which will in short be PDOIS members.The rest of the UDP, NRP, and others are left out.The final analysis meaning, Halifa will be voted in as the NADD flagbrearer, resulting in what happen the last time.

From the get go, all the party leaders should have trust and confidence in STDG. STDG should be bold as to say, we propose a party led alliance, with the bigger party leading the coalition. Then the parties on that basis can sit down and agree on how the modalities will work. Any other option of saying, the party leaders should talk directly, it will not work that way according to my observation. Trust and confidence in each other is the problem.
All the opposition leaders must solemnly agree to keep the negotiation proceeding secret. A chosen person should be selected to write down all sides of the story. And then, where they agree or disagree, the public can then be informed. If individuals wish to talk to the press whilst talks are ongoing, making themselves look stronger, there will never be any agreement. STDG as i said is in a pivotal position to rekindle a delicate deadlock. None of our leaders will lie down for the other. Trust and confidence is the key.

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