Thursday, 29 April 2010

Gordon Brown's Gaffe

Listening to the radio 5 live in my car, i came to know of British prime Minister Gordon Brown's gaffe on a former labour voter. Blogger Gido Fox will be celebrating, however, what the gaffe has proven is that, Gordon Brown who is the current sitting prime Minsiter knows too well the over hype attention on immigration is unnecessary.

Gordon was right. Too many British voters are scared to death of the 'order' by pseudo racist politicians of the UKIP, BNP and the Tories (bird of the same feathers). These three parties never fail to back the bombing of any far away country. The main movers in those parties are all involve in shady business empires that benefit more than any on the resources in far away lands. In lands of the people they would rather see the Almighty destroy.

The wars on Iraq and Afghanistan has increase the number of destabilise people. Yet the conservative spin doctors and the UKIP hate to see a face on their streets that don't look like them. These politicians are outright hypocrites. They live in places that no immigrant reach. They are scare mongering the British politicians on none existence fears. But as Marlyn Manson ably said "fear generate wealth and power".
Gordon Brown knows, the lady was only repeating what she heard on the news, from bigoted politicians.
Immigrants are blame for everything now. The Jobs, the increase load on public services etc. What this two face politicians aren't saying is that, no British employer employs an immigrant should white British person with his red British passport came forward for that job.
We have witness many often employers calling people for interview, only to interview just British and politely send away those with immigrant accent or background.
The hypocrisy is so deafening. The overwhelming number of immigrants in England are over qualify for the little back room jobs they do. Many cleaners are degree holders, many security officers are graduates, many factory workers can be managers etc, yet this jobs they do just to get by is seen like an alien invasion. Talk about racism re-invented.
And the worst of all, the news media is siding with the rogue politicians. Commentators like John Pinaar of five live is openly anti-labour. The good thing now for Gordon Brown is that, many early settlers in England who are hard working, pay their taxes are law abiding that wish to abandon labour for the liberals will come back.
Brown's gaffe is not so bad after all. We have seen that, bigotry against us is so high now, David Cameroon is smiling all over the place. The pretty boy is a danger.

The current U.K immigration policy is such that, Phil Wollers has made it impossible for even genuine students to come and read in England. The harsh immigration laws and policies cannot be any worst. Yet Wollers is not able to put his point across that, he has damage the students, workers and many other status of countless immigrant people.

Phil Wollers and Gordon Brown aren't bad people after all. They are responding the new phenomenon, 'acceptable bigotry'. Say you want polish, not to talk of Africans or Asians to leave, you will be a celebrity.
The movers in conservative England are dangerous, however, the world is not in 1981 or 1997. People are conscious of racism in all its sophisticated forms, Ian Duncan Smith's racialist social research think tank is a hoax.

We the immigrant community are never invited to say anything about issues affecting us. The psychological tormenting that the U.K border agency has implemented is causing serious mental issues in detention centres across England. Yet a labour government that initiate such draconian measures against immigrants is seen as not though enough. God help humanity.
Well done Gordon, although apologise to the lady.

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