Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lamin Sey's misguided opinion on Lawyer Darboe

The oceanic lad is a straight forward guy, you see fankung dont man him.
Darboe is a great lawyer but a poor politician. The opposition needs to rethink their strategy. You should talk to your PDOIS and Suntou to UDP. Thanks guys.” Lamin sey
Suntou’s response:
It will be good if you can help with your definition of a good politician.
We learn new things every day, hence your explanation may foster better understanding of politics to many.
I remember hearing Senator McCain telling Americans that, Obama is not an experience man to lead the country, however politics is not about sweet words and bravado.
And it will also be good if you can tell us who you think is a good politician in the Gambia right now.
Kejau, you are right, the political parties require our support, after which they should expect our scrutiny.
Lamin Sey’s response:
“A good politician is someone pragmatic, fearless, innovative, a good Listener and willing to give chance to others.
I hope i answered your question Bolongba. Kejau,we not fighting but discussing. Thanks” Lamin Sey
Suntou’s response:
Fortunately Darboe embodied all of your criteria and even more. Your definition is very restrictive and narrow. Fearlessness is not about the readiness to kill or be killed; it is staying the cause, and avoiding dangerous antics. Darboe's unwillingness to be dragged into a civil strife doesn't in any way means he is afraid. In fact, take a look at political struggles across the globe, how many leaders did you see that is killed? Nearly zero.
We are all against people who die whilst taking others with them. So bravery should be a judge in a sensible way.
The likely scenario is that, in case of civil unrest in the Gambia, Yahya will avoid harming the leaders, that is how dictators operate. Foday Sanko, Charles Taylor, Bagbo of Ivory Coast, Tijan Kabba of Siera Leon, the Kenyan debacle and many others. The masses are there to lose, and I am sure, Lamin Sey will do everything in protecting his families and close relatives.
Hence the Mandingo proverb that "many talk of starting a fight, but few stand to witness it occurrence". If you think Darboe is scared, then you are mistaken my friend.
Remember I am not in any way saying other methods of ending the dictatorship of Yahya shouldn't be utilise, what I am saying is that, Darboe is using the political process, and in essence that means, he should preach his message and leave it to Gambians. Yahya's continuous dictatorship is our collective fault. Today, Yahya is not in charge of taking innocent Gambians to jail. He has lots of Gambian willing to do that job for him. Just today, a friend on my facebook page is calling on Gambians to vote for Yahya in 2011 elections. Guess where this man is residing? London.
Yahya will hardly ever try to arrest Darboe. He knows that will play against him.
You alluded that, Darboe should give chance to others, give chance to who? You will do me a big favour if you say who the UDP should allow Darboe to give chance to.
Let me remind you that, Darboe never stand between the Presidency of the Gambia and anyone, so your assertion is lame. The UDP still prefer Darboe as their leader and that is the choice of the party supporters, what do you want Darboe to do?
I can sense what you are trying to say, however, I will leave it to you to clarify the riddle.
Lamin Sey can easily become the bravery he is talking about, all of us have equal stakes in the Gambia, and the job is open for each and anyone of us. I am calling on the Masena Torros, Fulbe Firdu, Mandingos, Wolof, Serre, Jola, Njakos etc to be as brave as Lamin Sey.

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