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Correcting False Assumptions On Ousainou

lamin Sey's misguided notion of Ousainou

You generalising your points in the reply. Please i want you to curtail your reactions to the Gambian situation and defend Darboe on those points.
I agree with Oceanic on his points especially what modou Nyang quoted from his story.Please elaborate on why Darboe is justified to leave sedia Sanyang and others and jump into the senegalese embassy,why he accepted on National television to be the son of Yahya Jammeh, why he conceded the election before consulting the party masses and why after losing with big margins two elections, he can’t still give chance to someone else.
You failed to answer the issues you raise yourself, however you are willing to repeat statements which don't qualify anyone of being brave.
What you are doing my friend is easier and without bragging I can do that much better. Analysing what we assume to be a weakness or failings of others.
Yes Darboe did indeed took temporal refuge in the Senegalese Embassy. That decision was as a result of a sound advice. The 1996 election every mentally stable Gambian knows was rigged. May be you are just flowing with wind, this is why you are looking for the irrelevant in a grand political debate.
The UDP is a party with an hierarchy like any political party. So your attempt to be divisive is simplistic and lazy. Darboe's actions are by mutual agreement with the party executives, just like Obama work with a team. He takes credit but the decisions is a unanimous one. The deputy party leader Yahya Jallow, Dr Ceesay, Femi Peters, Ebou Manneh, Dembo Bojang, Rambo, Mr Nyassi, Kemeseng, and many others Lamin help shape the decisions Darboe takes, and if that includes security arrangements, so it is.

And moreover, we cannot divorce the Gambian case with other more mature democracies. I made clear here even our hero Mandela did seek refuge in the houses of white people, a people he laid down his life fighting against. And remember even in the past American elections, Obama was on serious alerts from sickos my friend. this is why the United Stated government have secret bunkers to safeguard the leaders. Leaders must be protect at all cost, if not anarchy prevails my friend.

Killers, dictators, tyrants and murderers are all the same. It doesn't matter whether one is a Gambian, Malian, American or British. Yahya is no different from Qaddafi, Mubarak, the late Abacha, Mabuto etc. They all have one thing in common, to kill or jail for their personal wealth fulfilment.
Islam a religion that urge it followers to be brave and stand firm for truth and justice advise the adherents to lie if one's life is danger and by doing so one will save his life. So taking precaution means living to fight another day.
In 1996, the election was the first by the Junta. And at the time Lamin the boys have already spilled first blood. Once you kill unjustly, there is no stopping you. Yahya at the time can do anything, he was inexperience at manipulations and dirty politics as he is today.
Darboe rightly avoided a loss to his life by calling the international bodies at the risk his life was under. You may view that as cowardly. But Mr Sey, sometimes the best answers come when we put ourselves in the situation of others. If Darboe was murdered then, do you think his supporters were going to sit back and watch? Would Lamin Sey face the firing squad smiling? I doubt it.
You may not care about a man call Lawyer Darboe, you may wish the worst for him, since to you his living or dying may not matter. However, there are those who care about Darboe and what he stands for.
Yahya today knows the ramifications of killing a leader of an opposition outfit now, hence he goes for small fish to frustrate them.
Darboe never referred to Yahya as his father. You must remember with all of Yahya's evils he is a human being, a Gambian. There is a joking relationship between the Jammehs and Darboes.
Darboe's law career alone enforces a man with steel and ethics. So for you to say, Sedia Sanyang and co were left to dry is baseless banal nonsence.
You may be favouring some politicians who haven't yet manage to gain the threat in political terms Darboe has, however, the vision of UDP is to have a Gambia were peace and love will be the central agenda of the party. Yes, we know more needs to be done, but should we allow Yahya Jammeh to push us into killing one another?
Yahya jammeh is jailing, some people disappeared, others killed, and we want our anger at him to result in us killing one another, where is the mutual love? Why should violence be the only way for us to resolve our differences?
If you and others who dislike Darboe believes he should form a militia and fight Jammeh, then turn your attention to other leaders. Remember you have options out there Lamin.
And the assertion to the 2006 fail unity is the fault every single one of our leaders. Should lessons be learn yes, should they be talking now yes.
However, if you too continue to make the mistake of blaming Darboe because you can, then my friend your misjudgement of Darboe will be compounded. I know you may not care about cleaning your faculties of such, however your agendas will be exposed anytime.
Why do you think many of our brave journalist leave the Gambia? I will encourage you to read Ibrahim Chongan's book, and see how barbaric Yahya is. Remember this happens in the early days, the period when only Darboe's party mount any serious challenge to the AFPRC/APRC. The period when the UDP was form for less two to three months before the elections. Lamin, you don't need to kike Darboe to appreciate risks and sacrifices he made. I know politics is about perceptions, but give credit where it is due.

What it will take for the situation we are all under to end is for us to advise Gambians not to vote for Yahya. We should also try to advise our leaders to talk. However even if there is no united opposition, let them continue doing their best. Hopefully, the era of the current guys will pass with great pain, others will come in. This is a continuous carry on job. It is like what the Iranian writer depicts:

Ali shariati (on the capability of men to rid themselves of tyranny)
"there is no need to be a passive subservient to authority
Man as a choice, a struggle, a constant becoming
He is an infinite migration, a migration within himself
From clay to God; he is a migrant within his own soul"
Suntou Bolonba

Lamin Sey’s response

I believe we would never agree here. Anyway, I want the opposition to win but my hands are tight. So as Oceanic said;You talk to UDP and Nyang to PDOIS.I hope we can make a headway.
Thanks for the sound ideas. I rest my case.

My response to Lamin Sey

I am not here to agree or disagree with anyone. As i said, life is about perspective, and we are all influence by many varied things, some cultural, ethnic, education, friends, feelings and many more complex deep seated believes.

Have you ever seen lovers become enemies? Have you ever seen love gone mental, hate, not talking, kids separated? Well if you have then, remember, I don't know you, and unless I am mistaken, you don't know me.
Therefore, all we are doing here is to share our little time, as Gambians.Your perception of Ousainou is for you to handle, all I am doing is put it to you that, the many things you accused him of are fables.
I know, some of our brave journalist will lean towards your misconstrued judgement. But I can tell you this, even they are disturbed by deep seated bias.
So no one is immune from error of judgement. Remember those who write and blame Ousainou themselves largely disappeared of the face of the Gambia with the slightest Jammeh threats, yet for them the threat cannot remotely be compared to the numerous Ousainou encountered.
So you do understand, I am not here to convince you, but to put a different version of event across, an endeavour you may not even like since that will derail the false assumptions you are repeating.
You will notice that politics is part of everything we do. A lot of Gambians would quip that, they are not interested in politics. Nothing is far from the truth.
From the first time you laid your eyes on a certain sister, to dressing up for her, pretending you don't notice her. To waiting at street corners, passing by to the day you muster the courage to say hello, Lamin is all politics of the mundane level.
Now lets come to looking for job, travelling to America, living in America, the works you do, the daily routine, politics is filled into it all.

What is of importance is that, since we are comfortable with the progress of America or Europe, we are uninterested in our own dire stagnant predicament. Because building up an interest would mean, getting distress on daily basis, feeling disappointed, and many more. Hence, we would like to look for the self-interest things and marvel at that, avoiding the reality of our failings.
Ousainou has made himself uncomfortable, like him or not he has stood the heat and will continue to do so.
Thanks in any case.

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