Tuesday, 13 April 2010


The editor of www.freedomnewspaper.com have celebrated his graduation few days ago. The picture galore seems to have offended a section of the readership. Below is my response to the


Haruna, your Ndokeh is pulling on fragile legs again. Going by the headline, 'all about me' is enough testimony that Pa meant the pictures in a humorous way. However, some have started getting a wee bit agitated over an innocent self-portrait. I believe a little exhibition is no crime, after all the best and worst thing a man can utter is the praise he heaps on himself.The Arabs do say that, the most dangerous harm a man can do is exaggerate his abilities, since that will mean, no way back.

Another ancient Arab warrior was once question as to why he always won in fighting completion's, his answer is as follows: He told the questioner," It is easy to demonstrate the difference between me and you when we try an endurance test." They agreed on biting each other's finger.Here Haruna, there is no unequal advantage, both men have sharp Darboe kunda like teethes. The battle began, fingers in mouth together and they began biting each other, in a split second, the challenger pull out. The warrior wrestler then said, "why did you pull out", the challenger said, i can't bear the pain, there the wrestler concluded his wisdom in battles."I won fights because i can endure more than many, on the pain, i felt pain just like you do no question, but i can go the extra mile whilst you can't." The wisdom here Haruna is that, your Ndokeh over the years has done remarkable things for the media. This is not to say he hasn't trespass againt some people. The media sometimes comes with such hazards. Pa is moving on, although he still needs to stay on course to perfecting his art.Many lambast him on mere competitive grounds. His paper is undoubtedly the most widely read, and for that some of his rivals will come after him.Pa is ahead of some of the media moguls in terms detachment.

Some of the mega ego editors can't afford publishing an article they show else where. Their compliant is that, the quality of editorial is starkly different. This is true, however, why can't they go ahead and publish the item thereby demonstrating their abilities?Pa is also very much independent than some of the editors. Some editors would ask friends or confide in others before publishing items. If their more dominant friend gives a tombs down, then they wouldn't bother. Pa on the other hand is his own man.

The big headed men in our media circles can't stand Pa on his unconventional style. Can we say hands on heart that, the countries whose democracy, civil liberty and advance social reasoning we hope to emulate don't have papers that goes by the style they think give them a competitive advantage?The Freedom newspaper needs room for improvement. This is also true for all the grammatical perfect (so they say) editors. Pa's editorials might not be palatable to everyone, but should that cause us heart attack? Pluralism is a dogma we all run to, and hardlyy spend any tangible second waiting for a cup of tea.

By the way, i don't work for Pa and neither did I ever see him. Should he also trespass against Gambians, I will equally have my say. Pa is also politically independent. He has his go at all the leaders whilst others can't. They will more or less use alter egos to attack Ousainou for instance whilst heaping praise on their chosen candidates.

Even the Former NADD leader is a regular comtributor there now and for us at the UDP, we have always been at all the papers. It is your day Pa, one can attain any qualification now a days without seeing a single professor, life is much advance. Let us embrace technology, people can publish books by themselves, etc

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