Thursday, 1 April 2010

Femi Peters Is Jailed Against All Legal Wisdom

UDP Executive members at the Magistrate court indeed confirmed that, the errand boy Nigerian hustler have sentenced Femi Peters to one imprison for using a loud speaker and D10,000 fine for unlawful gathering. This sick Magistrate who careless about Gambia's democracy have given the tyrant another avenue to pardon Peters on compassionate grounds. We all know Yahay is playing prank, all he would do is just like he did with the Seven Journalist brothers.The sad President enjoy doing God.

UDP will appeal, but as usual, he will release Peters before such date on false compassionate grounds.We will plan to stage a demonstration at the Nigerian embassy, in association with Liberal parties in London very soon. The world have to know about this disgraceful Nigerians.

Yahya Jammeh is remote controlling all this mercenary magistrates, but it is up to Gambians to say enough is enough. This has to be done before our opposition leaders can stand up to the tyrant. The ball is in our court