Sunday, 25 April 2010


One of the best ever song by a Malian female singer (Jali Ngara) in support feminism. The song extol women to be proud of themselves, be happy that they are women.
Kandia said, women can achieve anything in life. They should never degrade themselves, belittle themselves or allow anyone to violate them.
This song should dismantle the old fears of having a daughter. People tend to be more happy if the wife had a boy, this Kandia is singing against.
She is calling on Black women, Africa women, she said " I am your musician".
Being a women should never a problem, be elegant, humble and modest.
Fathers and mothers should provide the best facilities for their daughters to have a good start in live.
Kandia further name great women who never felt disappointed that, they are women, she said those women always achieve the best in live.

My criticism of Kandia is that, in the old days, the pressure of the music industry did not push her to tamper with her complextion. She was a black beauty, nothing is more beautiful than unblemished black woman. Sadly, she too has tamper in some way with her youthful black gold colour.

I hail this song the best by a west African woman for women.

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