Thursday, 15 May 2014

UDP Amadou Sanneh Is a Victim Of Oppression pure and simple

What did we do for jailed UDP treasurer Amadau Sanneh a Gambian based in U.S asks? And the writer did not venture into what crime Amadou Sanneh was jailed for? It is like blaming the Muslim Brotherhood for the jailing of Mosey or blaming Thomas Sankara for his killing..Who do you question when oppression is taking place against innocent defenceless citizens? The oppresssed or the oppressor?

The UDP did a lot for comrade Amadou Sanneh and are continuing doing even more. Some of what we did or planned to do cannot be divulged willy nilly. But the UDP don't have guns, neither free Amadou we need fighting men and women not pen pushers and public attention seekers. Is Sam Phatty willing to enlist and fight? I dont think so.

The UDP will not call a unilateral protest at this juncture..with hearts disunited and eyes wide shut. We will do actions appropriate for our wider members. Amadou Sanneh himself urge such efforts. If Sam want us to call our supporters and break into mile 2, that can be done provided we have men with rifles to defend the ordinary civilian..Amadou Sanneh is among many UDP militants oppressed: Kanyiba Kanyi, late Sedia Sanyang,, late Sarjo Kunjan Sanneh, late Kebuteh, Femi Peters, late Shyngle Nyassi, and many others. Some of whom were assaulted by military and para military officers resulting to their eventual death..hence our records in fighting President Jammeh and his dictatorship is unblemished.

We can tolerate constructive criticism..and given that is what democracy is all about.
Did i hear Sam Phatty say anything on the arrest and persecution of UDP youth Secretary Solo Sandeng? Did i see any article from Sam Phatty on the recent arrest and persecution of the 14 UDP militants? Did i hear or read any article from Sam Phatty and his ilks on the current persecution of UDP press officer Lasana Jobarteh,? So Sam we have been fighting our fight and we don't need opportunist name seeking ramblers to use Amadou Sanneh as a pretend crocodile tears card.
UDP members visit Amadou Sanneh regularly just like they do with Femi Peters when he was jailed, just like they did with the 14 youths, with Solo and now doing with Lasana Jobarteh.

Fighting dictatorship is not a celebrity contest. Some of you are failing to see that. It is the poor, the weak and vulnerable who are suffering. And the UDP leadership has been standing for Gambians since 1996. We have never waivered or run from this fight. Our party leadership has defended the innocent plea of 15 party activities in the past 14 days. We deserve support and compliment not rediculous opportunist caricature.

UDP IS READY FOR PEOPLE UPRISING BUT ARE YOU SAM? Photo opportunity facebook posting will not scratch the sufface in this fight. In the coming days UDP is hosting a lunch for our brave youths and more youths are listening for a Gambian uprising. UDP is a political party by that partisanship will stop non-members to attend a UDP general call for protest if that is what you opine.
We are reading both the dynamics of Gambian diaspora individuals and groups and Gambians at home well. No rash action young man. Enjoy your coffee and think properly. This is about human lives. I have no clue in your orrientation, however Jammeh and his Monodou Sabally recent comment should pump some fresh air into you. Thanks..
 — with Kaironews Gambiaand 2 others.

Abducting innocent people is Un-Islamic, let alone Girls

"Seeking knowledge or getting education is compulsory on Muslim men and women" Prophet Muhammad. 
Now what is education/knowledge? Is there any education that is Western, Eastern or African? Is knowledge just a basis for mankind to understand him/herself and utilize the environment and societies we live in, finding cures, advancing human development and giving greater chances to all in attaining a fulfilled life.
Islam encouraged the seeking of knowledge so much so, the middle ages belongs to Muslim scholastic, and they contributed immensely to the world knowledge body.
The decline of knowledge creation among Muslim start when tyrannical rulers assume the throne in Muslims lands, capturing the minds of people and further relegating knowledge to the minor.
This is the causes of crisis and lack of growth in Muslim lands. On that backdrop, how can anybody, group or gang aim at fighting people seeking knowledge? Boko Haram is a criminal gang handled by enemies of Islam first and foremost and enemies of the poor in Nigeria.
A lot of Muslims get entangled in attempting to be apologetic for the criminal acts of arm gangs. This group is no different to terror groups who are handled by twisted political interest individuals/groups purported to be speaking for world Islam. They have no mandate or right to do so, however, because Islam have to made un-preachable or unfashionable: There comes idiots who have no better things to do, but cause harm and sadness to vulnerable people in the name of a 'religion'.
Islam lies innocent of the criminal murderous acts of criminals, our central theme is love for mankind, live and allow others to live in peace. God, the is ultimate Judge. We can encourage each other to live spiritual lives, but that is as far as you can go. Live by example.

New Generation and Love tokens

The new madness of sending sex messages can come to haunt you. Remember, you can become anything 10 years down the line.
It is the height of foolishness to reveal the sacrosanct and honourable occereneces in a marital relationship. For a man to resort to fighting his ex-wife with their private nude photos is not not only sinful, but a path to the man's utter destruction.
Even in war zone Ivory Coast and Liberia, the biggest weapon women have is to threaten rebels and government fighters of exposing their nakedness in a public place en-mass if they don't stop killing.
How then can any sane man reveal his ex-wife nudity to the public?
Any man who even sits and watch nudity is on a path to failure in life. Although the body of women, have form part of our modernity and new beauty, no man or woman should reveal the intimate moments between existing or felled relationships. It is hateful in the sight of God and decent human beings.
I may be coming into this saga very late, that is because sex-gate sagas are serious trivial personal matters. However, since I am a husband, a brother to 4 sisters same mother and father with 3, same father with 1, also a father to two daughters, it is imperative, we men occasionally express our opinion on social matters affecting our community, not just politics.
Our sisters must never attempt to express love by unduly attempting to get the attention of a man. The new madness of sending sex messages can come to haunt you when you least expect it. As human beings we are a very complex, understand that, love is not a permanent state of affairs, hence, our best friends/lover can always turn to hate us more than our worst enemies.
Islam recommends that, we be moderate in all our affairs, even in marital relationships. There are dos and don'ts.
In the technology age, don't send a message with photos of private parts of your body to any man. Polygamy is part and parcel of our culture. Your man can later in life marry someone else, he can be besotted and fall madly in love. That new lover may be more technologically aware than your man. All text message with nude photos or videos can be spread around.
Safeguard your honour and integrity. Falling in love should not make you irrational, always expect the worst from a modern man/woman. Your body should not form part of attracting someone 6000 miles away. I may sound old fashion, but the sanctity of a woman body cannot be over emphasise

Monday, 5 May 2014

Warrior Marabou at Kurukan Fuga: Siriman Nghana Touray

In founding of the Mali or Manden empire, the five marabou clans played a pivotal role in spiritually preparing Sunjatta to come from exile. And at the famous congress where the first Manden constitution was written 'Charter of Kurukan Fuga' the Touray clan was represented by Siriman Nkna Touray, hence many griots praise the Touray with him. Siriman Touray was a warrior marabou and also Ruler.

A Short History of the Touray Clan: Five Houses of Marabous

The Tourays ancestor is said to be 'Majou Ibn Jabal' Hence Touray's totem is 'Manjou'. Majou had 4 children: Karan Jatou, ManJatou, Sebee and Kiyamakan. Karan Jatou became Touray, Manjatou Became 'Bereteh', Sebee became 'Kommah' and Kiyamakan became 'Janneh', whilst Yusupha, a wife Majou Ibn Jabal marry as a second wife was with her son, whose name was Yusupha, the Ceesay surname came out from Yusupha.
The Five surnames are all linked, Touray, Janneh, Kommah, and Berreteh are all from one father and mother. Whilst the Ceesays surname was brought up along with the 4 related surnames. However, all of them became scholars impacting knowledge and helping the spread of Islam in Manden and conducting spiritual rehabilitation, which later became known as Marabousm.
The surnames spread and have many off-springs who settled among-st different ethnic groups, thus speaking the languages of those regions. Originally, Touray, Kommah, Janneh, Berreteh and Ceesay spoke Mandingka, Malinke, Jula and when some travel to the Jollof region, some took up the Fanafana Wollof.
Our roots is seriousness and custodianship of knowledge, not dancing and vanity. Go back to your roots the Touray Kunda, Kommah, Ceesay, Janneh and Berreteh. God bless you all. I will provide which other surnames came out of Touray later, how some interpret Touray.