Thursday, 15 May 2014

New Generation and Love tokens

The new madness of sending sex messages can come to haunt you. Remember, you can become anything 10 years down the line.
It is the height of foolishness to reveal the sacrosanct and honourable occereneces in a marital relationship. For a man to resort to fighting his ex-wife with their private nude photos is not not only sinful, but a path to the man's utter destruction.
Even in war zone Ivory Coast and Liberia, the biggest weapon women have is to threaten rebels and government fighters of exposing their nakedness in a public place en-mass if they don't stop killing.
How then can any sane man reveal his ex-wife nudity to the public?
Any man who even sits and watch nudity is on a path to failure in life. Although the body of women, have form part of our modernity and new beauty, no man or woman should reveal the intimate moments between existing or felled relationships. It is hateful in the sight of God and decent human beings.
I may be coming into this saga very late, that is because sex-gate sagas are serious trivial personal matters. However, since I am a husband, a brother to 4 sisters same mother and father with 3, same father with 1, also a father to two daughters, it is imperative, we men occasionally express our opinion on social matters affecting our community, not just politics.
Our sisters must never attempt to express love by unduly attempting to get the attention of a man. The new madness of sending sex messages can come to haunt you when you least expect it. As human beings we are a very complex, understand that, love is not a permanent state of affairs, hence, our best friends/lover can always turn to hate us more than our worst enemies.
Islam recommends that, we be moderate in all our affairs, even in marital relationships. There are dos and don'ts.
In the technology age, don't send a message with photos of private parts of your body to any man. Polygamy is part and parcel of our culture. Your man can later in life marry someone else, he can be besotted and fall madly in love. That new lover may be more technologically aware than your man. All text message with nude photos or videos can be spread around.
Safeguard your honour and integrity. Falling in love should not make you irrational, always expect the worst from a modern man/woman. Your body should not form part of attracting someone 6000 miles away. I may sound old fashion, but the sanctity of a woman body cannot be over emphasise

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