Monday, 5 May 2014

A Short History of the Touray Clan: Five Houses of Marabous

The Tourays ancestor is said to be 'Majou Ibn Jabal' Hence Touray's totem is 'Manjou'. Majou had 4 children: Karan Jatou, ManJatou, Sebee and Kiyamakan. Karan Jatou became Touray, Manjatou Became 'Bereteh', Sebee became 'Kommah' and Kiyamakan became 'Janneh', whilst Yusupha, a wife Majou Ibn Jabal marry as a second wife was with her son, whose name was Yusupha, the Ceesay surname came out from Yusupha.
The Five surnames are all linked, Touray, Janneh, Kommah, and Berreteh are all from one father and mother. Whilst the Ceesays surname was brought up along with the 4 related surnames. However, all of them became scholars impacting knowledge and helping the spread of Islam in Manden and conducting spiritual rehabilitation, which later became known as Marabousm.
The surnames spread and have many off-springs who settled among-st different ethnic groups, thus speaking the languages of those regions. Originally, Touray, Kommah, Janneh, Berreteh and Ceesay spoke Mandingka, Malinke, Jula and when some travel to the Jollof region, some took up the Fanafana Wollof.
Our roots is seriousness and custodianship of knowledge, not dancing and vanity. Go back to your roots the Touray Kunda, Kommah, Ceesay, Janneh and Berreteh. God bless you all. I will provide which other surnames came out of Touray later, how some interpret Touray. 

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