Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Bitterness of PPP former Ministers:

I am totally baffled by BB's reaction to the fine piece by Gainako. In actual fact, you have been very charitable to the PPP and the so-called revival for that matter.
PPP could have taken certain course of action when they were banned. Among them: 1. challenge the banning of the party in court, in as much as the Judge at the time may be bias, it will be on the records.
2. The PPP could have mobilise its supporters to stand with the party and decline the banning.

3. Demba, the PPP ruled and govern the Gambia for 30 years, I mean, 30yrs not months, or weeks, but years. Yet collapse without a fight. In 30 years, the PPP could have had a plan B and plan C of undermining the coup, but there was no plan, nothing, yet our elder BB a man with immense credibility and credential continue to insist that, the blame lies on Gambians or other opposition parties is baffling. We are picking the pieces still of PPP's lavk of plan B.

4. Demba, BB Darboe is not a lazy intellectual, after the coup, he went back to University to earn himself a law Degree. However, BB should have known that, a single political party (PPP) that dominated our country's politics for 3 decades will not readily get any sympathy from Gambians, because they should foresee all the pitfalls having a disgruntled military breeds.

BB's opinion is no different to few former big wigs. They are indirectly telling us that, the political parties that came out after the coup should have decline to participate in election with the APRC because the PPP was banned unfairly. This is the 2 decades of bitterness some former PPP heads are harboring. They blame the UDP, NRP, PDOIS and GMC. 
Demba, once people taste political power, it is the grave that quench their taste for prominence, power and influence. The former PPP Ministers are no different.

 However, will Gambians look at them twice in our modern era? An era that saw the emergence of all sorts of caliber of Gambians, different interest groups, personalities etc? I don't think so, hence, the race for the custodianship of the Gambia will take many twist and turns. The winner takes all is the option we all have to fight against, and that is the option underground groups are working on. The PPP if they can swallow their bitterness, OJ and BB in particular, in any post Jammeh, they may have a seat at the high table. But blaming Gambians for their failures is calamitous political suicide.
BB should realize that, no one feels sorry for a dominant outfit. So the sooner he accepts that, the better, if not political players on the ground will continue to distrust the PPP revivalist elements, because what they say and what they do will continue to be deceptive, and this will not help the struggle. 

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