Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Risking It all For Europe: Men as breadwinners

Libyan Jails full of Gambians: I was called this morning by a concern Gambian in Libya. He said "Libyan prisons are full of young Gambian men." He said, "there is nothing we can do to help here. Other Gambians (middle men/cokser) are taking money from these young boys aiming to cross the sea to Italy and then reporting the vulnerable young men to the Libyan police." He finally said, "many of this young men are returned back to the Sahara for a journey back."

This is a sad state of affairs. No one can deny young men and women aiming to better themselves an opportunity to be independent. None of us residing in the West can Judge these hundreds of our fellow country men taking the risk to go through hell before finding themselves in Europe. Whilst we ponder and work delicately in finding lasting solutions to our country's problems, let us please give wise advise/council to our young brothers....It is not worth landing in Libya, Italy is overcrowded and are only dumping people in camps. Please, do your bit, speak to parents, advise them of the dangers.

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