Monday, 3 February 2014

The secrets to the Chambers of Tyranny

The tyrant was asked, how did you succeed for so long??
He felt dazed and perplexed...

Wondering, whether the questioners knew anything of human folly!
Isn't it obvious he thought to himself that, “a tyrant is always a singular individual, who does not have unique any human super human abilities. He eats, drinks, use the lavatory, sleep, cohabit, indulges his fancies, and will ultimately die”.

In essence, tyrants are always quietly laugh out loud. They keep wondering the societal make up that allows, one man and his click holding them captive!!!
So the tyrant answers: “tyrants succeed because people offer themselves for cheap, in being enablers. They come at the cheap, because they refuse to belief in the veracity of the criminal acts the whole society is subjected to.”

The questioner couldn't understand still, The tyrant dwell saying, “people prize themselves at the cheap, because of multiple factors.. they either fear hunger and taste, or the fear losing their ranks and prestige”
The tyrant could not make it any simpler, the more society places more values on status, name, greed, titles, fear of poverty, and the like and are happy with humiliation so long as they get small tile and recognition, tyrants and tyranny thrives.
It just happen that, there are Head of States who are tyrants, but on lower levels, there are minor tyrants all over the place. With people willing to accept small favors, in return for picking crumbs.

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