Thursday, 15 May 2014

Abducting innocent people is Un-Islamic, let alone Girls

"Seeking knowledge or getting education is compulsory on Muslim men and women" Prophet Muhammad. 
Now what is education/knowledge? Is there any education that is Western, Eastern or African? Is knowledge just a basis for mankind to understand him/herself and utilize the environment and societies we live in, finding cures, advancing human development and giving greater chances to all in attaining a fulfilled life.
Islam encouraged the seeking of knowledge so much so, the middle ages belongs to Muslim scholastic, and they contributed immensely to the world knowledge body.
The decline of knowledge creation among Muslim start when tyrannical rulers assume the throne in Muslims lands, capturing the minds of people and further relegating knowledge to the minor.
This is the causes of crisis and lack of growth in Muslim lands. On that backdrop, how can anybody, group or gang aim at fighting people seeking knowledge? Boko Haram is a criminal gang handled by enemies of Islam first and foremost and enemies of the poor in Nigeria.
A lot of Muslims get entangled in attempting to be apologetic for the criminal acts of arm gangs. This group is no different to terror groups who are handled by twisted political interest individuals/groups purported to be speaking for world Islam. They have no mandate or right to do so, however, because Islam have to made un-preachable or unfashionable: There comes idiots who have no better things to do, but cause harm and sadness to vulnerable people in the name of a 'religion'.
Islam lies innocent of the criminal murderous acts of criminals, our central theme is love for mankind, live and allow others to live in peace. God, the is ultimate Judge. We can encourage each other to live spiritual lives, but that is as far as you can go. Live by example.

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