Monday, 26 January 2009


Yesterday at our monthly regular meetings, the Gambian association in Coventry city has put in place plans to set-up a book reading club for our children. This club will help Gambian children able to bond and also read and writer confidently. We have two graduate sisters who are willing to volunteer their time and efforts in helping the kids once or twice a month.
I am delighted at that initiative, as we all know a percentage of black youths end up being disenfranchise and unproductive. This problems all starts from an early stage, parents busy working and engaging in other issues make the kid's idle and stressed out. But a viable reading and writing club will help fostering harmony and the culture of learning among our community.
I have even volunteer to teach the kids Gambian songs and dance! hureey. I will certainly give my time in terms of stories and local songs. Come join us if you have a young Gambian children in Coventry. I will wiggle and dance to "yopi yaya yupi yupi yaya, yupi yaya yupi yupi yaya, i remember when i was a school boy etc" also "Jali kuno bamanso kuno kunbota kandima, suruntu kuno kunu kanjaba alii ngha taakun takuafe". I will also God-wiling create my own kids stories.
If you have any suggestions or comments please do make it.

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