Friday, 17 May 2013

Gambian men health

Gambian Men: Some of us involve in Gambian associations and community issues are well aware of the rate Gambian men are been diagnosed with serious health problems. The bulk of the health issues centered around the food we eat. Gambian men are highly likely not to be engaged in fitness exercise in Europe or America. The rate at which Gambian men are dying from corollary health condition is becoming alarming. As people of faith, we know, our time is decreed by our Maker, however, a bit healthy lifestyle can go a long way.
The big question is, since many Gambian men, including myself eat more home cooking than eating takeaways or at restaurants. Is it the responsibility of our spouses: Wife's to look after the diet?

Between 2012 to date, more than 6 Gambian men died, some of it sudden, some whilst at work. Some conditions are said to hereditary, but many are from eating highly nutritious food without shaking it. The summer is coming, I encourage our Gambian brothers, wherever they are, to engage in some form of physical exercise, even walking long distances will help. Many of us, now feature with pot belly, which is a big sign of danger. Let Gambian women reduce the cooking of palm oil, it is very rich and full of fat. The sisters should encourage the husbands to be fit, although the sisters too should watch the waistline. The amount of sugar we consume is also high. Let us watch our health. A bless Friday all.

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