Saturday, 13 April 2013

Euro-American Life Styles by Gambians

Life styles: The dominant life style among many of us is modern-European/American ones. Africans (Gambians) have chosen to mimic the way of life of the westerners..what we have left behind is the one thing that makes the West what they are. Looking after the common interest and well-being of everyone, you touch one westerner, you touch all of them. 
We want to look like Buoyancy, Riyana, J-Z, and be free to do what one feels. The West defend the rights of others, we don't...Take the whole package not the convenient bit. Don't just live in the West without scrutinizing why things work, whilst in our territories it don't. Chose the life you want to live, but then understand that, it is a package. Just a thought.

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