Monday, 1 April 2013

Jaliba Kuyateh Tribute Concert to the late Soundjulu Suso

Jaliba Kuyateh, paid homage to the kora great, Alhagie Soundjulu Suso in Dakar, the year 2000. Jaliba Kuyateh, the most famous living Kora player in the Senegambia and Bissau region, perform all his unique Kora acrobat in honor a master, the late Soundjulu Suso.
The memorial was full of high dignitaries and respected guest. Here are some photos of Jaliba Kuyateh's Kora acrobatic performance:
For any young Kora player to outshine Jaliba Kuyateh, you have to be constant in practice and be capable of capturing the attention of the audiences.  Jaliba has done all that his mentors have and gone beyond the usual. He is indeed a great maestro. May the soul of Soundulu rest in peace. We at Kibaaro radio will be interviewing Mahawa Kuyateh very soon, the wife of the late Soundulu Suso.    .

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