Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Folks, we have gone through the larger part of fasting now. we hope and pray that Allah accept our efforts and make it a source of our salvation from eternal doom, arrogance and pride. Let us increase our efforts for last four to five remaining days. i know the Sanyang kunda are in a hurry, but soon guys, soon. fasting for the sanyang is not difficult becus of the food and drink, but avoiding other things is the harder bit. May we live to fast many more ramadan. Ameen

The sunbali kumons should think deeply next time. Let us forgive each other, increase our ibadah and smile more.
I ask for the forgiveness of all forumates i may have offended, guys i forgive all trespasses against me. Dr Jaiteh, Haruna, Bambalaye, Galleh, LJ, brother Bailo, demba, Edi, Jabou, Ml, Mballow, Halifa, Ousainou, Sedia, just any body who Suntou may have trespass against.

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