Monday, 11 October 2010


The Wollof language vibrate in Ndur's eloquent combine Ndaga and Arab music. The songs are a praise to the Sufi saints from Amadou Tijani, Seriegn Bamba, Buu Kunta etc.
Music here is use to attain happiness and joy through the songs. This is the Sufi way.

Wollof is the language my great grand father, A Fana Fana Mbye Touray spoke. He migrated from Saloum to Wulli. This migration is said to be his father's instruction. His fathers was the royal ruler in a certain part of Saloum. He is related to the Touray's of Saloum.

Although, Mbye spoke Wollof Fana Fana during his youth, however after settling in Wulli, Darsilame Tenda, he later marry Mandingo women and spoke Mandinka. His children all later spoke Mandinka, although he taught some of them Wollof as well. However, Mbye's ancestors where migrating Mandingos that settled among the Wollofs it is related.
I am doing my best to reconnect with the Touray's of Saloums, to see how related we are and how I can find out about my great grand father.
If you are from Saloum and of the Touray stock, be in touch.

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