Sunday, 3 October 2010

I had a quiet pleasing break away from the cyber world

It is good to once in a while enjoy a quiet break, away from everything even the Internet. It was at the end of 2006 (November) to be precise that, i commence reading the online media. I came across the Gambian cyber world by accident.

I was chatting with a friend who told me about the falling apart of Gambian opposition politician over coalition discussions in 2005. I wasn't aware of any Coalition talks let alone it disintegrating. I was amazed but at the same time angry at myself for settling in the United Kingdom buried in my studies and family live.

I then started googling Gambian news. Lo and Behold, there happen to be quiet few of them. I was stroke with a sense of quilt. What made me oblivious on the existence of all the online commotion? I thought then, well because i was too busy, i don't have time for the media. But then, i watch every morning and evening news bulletin of U.K, therefore, it was a mentality of what i later referred to as "Gambians and their comfort zone".

I am comfortable in Europe, the land of the whites. How can I be so comfortable, to take their normal developed society for granted? I then decided, I will slog it out with fellow country men/women anytime I have the time.

2007 became the turning point in my adaptation of the online world. I debated in heated, aggressive, thunderous and mellow ways in equal measure. I use the pen name Santanfara in Bantaba (clawed from the Lalo Keba famous song, Drammeh Kanji Santanfara). Although the name is a praise for folks of the Drammeh family, Santan is in fact a fragrance we use in the villages. I also use Mosobe in forum respectively.

I started by delving in the subject that is more natural to me (religion, culture and history).

Later, I hit it out in politics. Before then, I acclimatised myself with all the ill and tyrannical rule in the Gambia. To expose and write against Yahya Jammeh on countless topics. Later in November 2007, i started using my real name after I returned from a trip to the Gambia. I couldn't believe how terrified people get on the mere mention of Yahya Jammeh. The extent his cult personality and terror reign is unbelievable.
From then on, nothing stops me, not my new baby daughter whom i love so much or my two other sons. In fact, not even my Master's program in Economics, banking and finance disturbed my interest in expressing opinions.

In 2009 August, I joined the UDP headed by Ousainou Darboe. I am hooked man. But then man deserves some much needed rest, my sabbatical will end soon. All praises are due to Allah.
The cyber world has produce so many anonymous Gambia writers, you can be throwing hard ball with your best friend without your knowledge. To deal with Gambians using their real identity, i decided to cool it down at the forum. There, folks who are using their real identity in Gambia L change into their nasty cloth in because nobody can know who they are.
The Gambian online world is very vibrant but still only few people express themselves whilst many prefer to read and be amused.
My advise to all those who emailed me for suggestions on how to deal with bullies on the cyber world, be yourself and never be intimidated. Some will try to criticise your grammar, try to gang against you. The bottom line is, if you haven't rattle them, they wouldn't be inventing plots against you. Respect everyone but never be a softy, we are all blood suckers now. If we smell weakness, we aim to dismantle with ruthless precision. I take no prisoners.
The politics make us partisan with serious hate and vigour. Halifa Sallah came under my lens a while back. This caused his supporters to hate me with every borne in their body but then, such is life.

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