Monday, 22 September 2008

Gambians silver jubilee

On the occasion Jawara congratulated the former Nigerian president Babangidah. He went on to emphasise the common interest between the Gambia and Nigeria. Jawara also mention the importance of rule law and the importance of participating in inter-African affairs. Nigrian pivotal role in south Africans independence and Zimbabwe were also noted. The freedom of Nelson Mandela and the fight against racism was key issues in the 1990's. Nigeria's economic and front line technical assistance to other nations necessary in helping other African states prosper. The deep respect for African culture and tradition by the federal state of Nigeria was noble, said Jawara.
Jawara also thanked Babangidah about the assistance Nigeria extended to the Gambia on security, and the educational sector.

Babangidah on his part started by greeting all the distinguish guest and further highlighted his happiness about being invited. Jawara was praised for his championing the cause of human rights, at that material time the human rights head quarters was located in the Gambia. African economic integration was call for by Babangidah, citing the EU closeness as a necessary model for African states to follow.
BB Darboe welcomed Princees Margret sister of queen of England. BB was with his wife and entourage. Later that evening, Jawara held a diner for dignitaries at his residence in state house Banjul. Interestingly George Bush junior was among the invited guest with his wife, he later became the president of the U.S. He was spotting a little beard then. Gambia police band entertain the guest; surprisingly they can sing. DK sabari was the key song, (Allah tentou Anabi jai, dk sabari) fula traditional dancers and acrobats also entertained the guest.
The final episode was on Feb 18, 1990. The independent cerebration was again attended by Jawara and Babangidah. Jawara was escorted to inspect the military guard of honour. He loved it. The army band paraded in a colourful way, playing their army music. current president Yahya must have been in attendance. Samsideen Sarr must also be in attendance.
Some will ask why writing about that historical event after all? my answer is, the physcology of why our leaders overstay, we need to understand the whole set-up of our institutions especially how we over-hype the position of head of state. This leaders enjoy themselves so much, they cannot possibly go by free will. To understand the statement i am making, watch the video. You will see power, fame, adoration, entertainment, praise singers, special personalise songs, amean, the whole fabric of our entertainment machinery is at play here. from police band, Jaliba, Gambia national troop and all other cultural troops.
what is more important than heading all that power play. History in one's hand. Jawara said many things, mainly about the inability for the Gambia to sustain itself after independence. This statements were made by skeptic during the quest for our nation's independence.
finally, what is the faith of Jawara today? where are all those fashion conscious top ranking military officers, the Sam Sarr's. the Pa sallah's, the Trow's, the Alahgie Kanteh's. Life is like turning wheel. No one can predict what the future holds.
Yahya will also be remembered whether we like it or not. But for him, it will with bitterness and anger. Jawara dicko, well, that is life. stay cool many people's kind man.

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