Sunday, 21 September 2008

A new column at the

I am please to announce that the will be allocating me my own column at the online paper. The column name is 'A POINT OF VIEW'. I choose that name because, i will discuss issues pertaining to Gambian cultures and traditions and sometimes politics. the first article will be about our continent leaderlessness. this is a bold commentary. it is a generalise statement but looking at Africa, one wonders when real leaders will step-up to the plate. real leaders who are good managers, good listeners, less arrogant and power hungry. i will try my hand at making sketches. if any one is good at drawing funny things please let me.
my next article after the political commentary will be deeply controversial, it will be about meddling families in their son's marriage. no one will be name or blame. it is a general observation of our social understanding of marriage. mothers and sisters find it hard to let of their male relative. they start fighting his wife and causing unnecessary troubles, sadly some son's listen to ill-comments about their spouses, and this leads disharmony in their marital home. my commentaries will be more socio-religious than political, and also Islamic finance introduction. I pray that the Almighty make us humble and sincere human beings.

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