Thursday, 1 July 2010

New Not-for-Profit Organisation (GDRA)

I have started a non-profit organisation geared towards relieving the needs of rural Gambians. The aim of this organisation is to provide literature in every subject to rural Gambian children.

The name chosen is: The Gambia Dawah and Relief Agency (GDRA).
I am especially thankful to the U.K Islamic Mission, The Islamic Foundation and Muslim Hands for the support and encouragement. These organisations provided literature in diverse field of studies for the rural Gambian children. I am also grateful to Mr Ebrima Kamara for reviewing the project and providing valuable advise. His advise on maintaining a centre ground for fostering harmony, the respect for life and diversity is without a doubt meaningful. The pursuit of intellectual and intelligent dealing should be a corner stone of our activity. I thank him for his advise.

The books will be distributed across the provences. The aim is to furnish school libraries, mosque book stores and other areas. We want to inculcate the habit of reading. With a strong reading population, extremism will be a thing of the past.
We will also respond to emergency situations in the rural Gambia. We will work with relief agencies across U.K and Europe. The fostering of one human society.
Life is about loving, caring and believing in ways that will be un-harmful to the human society. Tolerance, mutual co-existence and togetherness is our motto.
However, we will respond to propaganda materials of lies and distortions in the media. This will be conducted in an open, respectful and diplomatic manner.
Please, give us your prayers and kind suggestions.
Send ideas to: or call 0044 07852491734.
Thank you
Suntou Touray (Founder GDRA)

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