Monday, 12 July 2010

THE SIX POINT OF THE MASALAS----Their principal steps in understanding Islam

By L Darboe (divided into parts)


The kalimat consist of two part, 1.La illaha illaha illal lah and 2. Muhammad rasoolulah. In the literal translation it means " None is worthy of worship but Allah(God). Note that we used the word Allah instead of God because this has a profound connotation. In this contemporal times there are many objects of worship, ranging from stars (football, films stars) to some religious symbols like Pandit Baba of the Hindustans and so called Suffie and christian saints.
The word Allah is inique because, He told us in soorah Iklas who He was, is and shall ever be... ALLAHU AHAD, ALLAHU SAMAD, LAM YALID WALLAM YULAD, WALLAM YAGULAHU KUFWAN AHAD.
So no creation animate or inanimate fits this description. We go on,............None is worthy of religious devotion or worship except The one, unique' independent omni-portent, omni present Allah. So if any of creation said he/she is god and should be worhip, we should ask, is he unique in every sense, is he capable of indepently existing off the evironment, has he got begining in the womb or otherwise; shall end by death and sarcastically; "does he ate food",.
If he eat food it means he has to go to toilet like anyone, meaning he/she was dependent on the evironment. If he did not eat he would certainly die. definitely not the earth, the heavens , human, jinns, angels, gibril, kursi but one Allah who control every atom of existense, not influenced by nature or any creation. So we should bring yakin, absolute and unshakable belief in that one Allah, that harm and benefit come only from him, everything else is creation and he is the creator and preserver of the whole universe. Musa once ask Allah whether He does not become tired and thus need sleep. He ask Musa to stand and put an egg in his hand and sleep. The egg fell and broke . Allah said, the whole universe will fare thus if I am to sleep.

Power and majesty belongs to Allah so we should devout worship to him alone, not any saints or prophet or angels because they are all creation and cannot by there own accord do benefit or harm to any one.
One would ask you can kill a person or provide benefit to him. In history we read that Ibrahim was put in fire and not burn, Ibrahim knife could cut his son, ismils throat,..musa's stick turn to real snake and cause the see to split but into avenues for bani,israeal.
The objects here are only servants themselves but the power to burn, cut and turn into snake is in the control of Allah. The creation by itself have no control over things, we only see their intevention as means but behind the means is the controller; Allah. If a person have firm yakin(show belief) in Allah, his perspective in life remodelled, re-calibrated to met the purpose for which he is created-to worship allah and to please Him.

Allah forbids injustice, so the person would not do injustice; Allah forbids lying, he will not lie, Allah forbids adultery he will not comit it, and so on and so on. Tha'st why we perpetrate certain actions because our belief in Allah is deficient. We will be patient on the trials of life, by believing that Allah is aware of our situation and give us mishaps as a trial.
To belief this kalimah mean to fight with ones nafs(desire), that is to subjugate ones desire to the desire of your Allah and put him first. When one has a problem he should first present it to Allah by supplication, zikr/ remmembrance, saalat etc. But today we first think about saints and some holy men first, docters etc then if everything fails we think about Allah as the last resort.

MUHAMMAD RASOOLULAH MEANS........... No way of life; no "ism" is acceptable to Allah except the way of life of his beloveth prophet, Muhammad. So if you want Allah to be pleased with you, you must follow his prothet sunnah, not the way of life of others.

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