Tuesday, 13 July 2010



It is fascinating watching the African gay men standing their grounds amidst the protest of the wider community and Religious groups. The argument the anti-Gay groups put forward is that, Gays are unAfrican and a western import. The protesters threaten to burn the Gays alive. The torn between free sexual expression and the over-powering cultural prevalence.
My personal opinion is that. Homosexuality is not a western practise alone. It is a life style choice that anybody can adopt including us Africans. Yes, tourist have made it a common currency in many impoverish African countries, however, if the young men really don't have the inclination, they wouldn't venture into it no matter how poor they are.
We have heard as youngsters that, element in our societies who are married and at the same time indulge in Gay affairs. Some of this people are said to be prominent individuals, hence the Gay thing is an individual issue.
The debate as just began...Serious Samura as usual exposed a phenomenon Africans will talk about for years. The booming Gambian Tourist industry has created a petty income generating capacity for male sex workers. In the past, young fit Gambian men sell sex to old age western women in their fifties and sixties, now they have advance to selling sex to male tourist. I have seen some Dutch Tourist paying rent for Gambian men, bearing all their expenses, and at the end sleep with them. Sadly, this Gambians feel that, they are only doing it for a time, before they knew it, they walk different, some even leak when they sit and people start to stay away from them.

It is a phenomenon. There are brothers who like to act like women. To this brothers, their homosexual urges is natural, 'they will say God made me Gay'. We may have come across brothers who talk, walk and act like women without ever meeting any western Tourist or person. Every society have folks that are different. Africans should handle this debate maturely and avoid public executions or on camera rantings. This will defeat the purpose of intelligent logical dialogue. The gay Africans have rights and that it is for the state to recognised. They must treat this people as citizens and deal with their affairs fairly in accordance with human decency and the rule of law.
I thank Serious Samura for a brilliant documentary.

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