Wednesday, 14 July 2010

KARTONG FOLONKO..THE HISTORY.. IS IT AN IDOL Check the play list and click on Kartong Folonko. The story is fascinating however, the denial by a village elder that, it is not an Idol is remarkeable. The equivalent of Kartong folonko is the Gunjure Sandy Mosque by the seas side (Kinyi Kenyi jamemw). The late Sheik Hatab Bojang rejected the rituals in Gunjure Sandy place. It is not a mosque as far i understand but a well close to the sea.
The explanation of Kartong Folonko is both historically relevant and clouded in mystery. However, the place was own by the Sonenkes in the past. their practices may have been imported within the current rituals. The narrator emphasises that, there is no Idol in Folonko. He said Folonko means, fon loo.. meaning to place your head on the ground The act was said to be performed by Omar Taal (Omar Futi)... A lot Sufi Myth is entangle with Omar Taal's legacy. Thanks Suntou

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Anonymous said...

This is a distorted version of history. What did the Soninke who owned it previously do there. It was an idol of the Soninkes. Folonko was founded by the father of Folonko Diassy who was a Soninke and they were palm wine tapers. The name just coincided to be close to "foo loo" but that is not true. If it is not an idol, why not build a mosque since it is such a holy place. The place has even seized to be of any relevance. No more answered prayers, no more crocodiles, the flora and fauna disappeared compared to when I was growing up.