Saturday, 24 July 2010


Hi all,
I am acting on behalf on a U.K charitable organisation. They have been operating in the Gambia for some time now. However, i have commenced liaising with them in reaching out to the rural poor. This year's Ramadan, the plan is to distribute food aid to needy families, orphans and widows that are finding it difficult to cope.
I have been tasked to locate contact people in the rural areas from Bansang to Fatoto. So please, if you are from the rural area and you know a trusted person in your community who can help this people distribute the food aid, write to me privately as soon as possible.
Some local agents have acted untoward in certain engagements, this is why, we want to identify relevant people before the aid (fund) leaves U.K. The good thing is, the needs of the family or individual person will be bought in the Gambia, to help the local area business people. If they need rice and sugar, they will buy it at the local market and given to the family.
This strategy is encouraging. Please provide contact individuals. Thank you

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