Saturday, 24 July 2010

Torture story by Sarahata Jabbi and Demba Dem in mile two
A very harrowing video links from Amnesty International. The truth about the torture and human rights abuses by Yahya Jammeh. Listen Gambians. If you aid and abete a tyrant, you have God to answer to, and humanity to be ashamed as member. Open your eyes my good country men/women. Suntou
Below is an amnesty report:

Gambia Global Day of Action
Journalist Sarata Jabbi Dibba talks about life in Gambia and the time she spent in prison

© Amnesty International

Former member of Gambian Parliament Demba Dem talks about his time in prison

© Amnesty International
Thursday 22 July 2010

Amnesty International is calling on the Gambian government to end its widespread use of arbitrary detentions and torture as activists worldwide stage protests against the authorities' appalling human rights record on 22 July, the country's national holiday known as "Freedom Day".

"The Gambia is a torture state, where the authorities commit widespread human rights violations with total impunity," said Etelle Higonnet, West Africa Researcher for Amnesty International. "Last week's sentencing to death of eight men in a mockery of a trial for supposed attempts to overthrow the government is a testament to the level of human rights abuse being carried out in the country today."

"It is a shameful travesty that, in country where freedom remains an illusion for most people, the President names the national holiday Freedom Day."

Since gaining power through a coup in 1994, President Yahya Jammeh's government has cracked down on political freedom, subjecting Gambians to unlawful arrest, torture, incommunicado detention, unfair trials, rape, disappearance, and extra-judicial executions.

The eight men sentenced to death last week are the only people to have been tried out of hundreds arrested in November 2009 and March 2010, accused of treason or attempts to destabilise the government.

In the video, Gambian journalist Sarata Jabbi Dibba talks about life in the country and how she was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for criticizing the government.

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