Sunday, 17 August 2014

The kind hearted revolutionaries: Forgiving Gambian Dissidents

As dictator Jammeh's conveyor belt chuck out his former enablers at our midst, our hearts warmed up to them. We embrace and welcome the never ending former President Jammeh helpers.
Are we too sissy to be tough with the tyrant and his entire system. No offence but the tears for Momodou Sabally and co are easy ones. Let us continue to shed tears for real victims. Momodou Sabally and those like him knew the territory they thread.
If you hunt with a lion, don't expose your bear skin, it will sniff it and take a bite.
Many Gambians too quickly get drunk with power, position and status. It makes me terrified to even visit the offices of colleagues who get rapid promotion. They change so fast, people became irrational. Hence Jammeh's trap.
I am reserving my tears for genuine victims.

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