Sunday, 17 August 2014

Head veil, modesty, piety, decency and understanding why wear 'the head veil'

My advise to brothers is, don't fall for the beautiful veil of our sisters alone. Marriage is a live long decision. Sit down, have a detail chat with your future partner, talk about your idealism in life, the values important to you, instead of just focusing on the veil, you can get the shock of your life. The veil should not be your singular barometer in choosing a lifelong partner.

Men all over are getting the shock of their lives with their misunderstanding of what i call the 'veil statement dimensions'.
There is a huge unprecedented rise in young Gambian women wearing head scarves or veil (Hijab) in Arabic. Yet not all women wearing hijab/veil have the religious or deeper understanding of why they put on the veil in the first place, this is why, a category of men who prefer veiled woman, a significant proportionate number of them are experiencing serious divorce cases among Gambian men.
A woman wearing veil can be doing it for the simple reason that, men with stability, serious personality and God-fearing would only choose a woman who put on the veil. Such men avoid women who use skin bleach, artificial hairs and highly commercial expensive cosmetics.

Yet some sisters go with the flow, some are wearing head veil, because they think it is cool to do so. This is why, there are many inconsistent styles of veils. Some even expose their expensive ear rings, some wear veil, but put on tight jeans, short sleeve shirts, all kinds of contradictory clothing. Sometimes, some put the veil on in normal occasion but take it out in social events. What is what?
What is the problem with being quick to marry a lady with a veil without ascertaining whether, the person understands your reason for choosing her as a veiled woman. Head veil is a religious statement, not a fashion statement. Our sisters who wear it as a fashion statement have succeeded in causing huge confusion, since, a category of the wearers don't live up to the ideals of wearing a veil. It is like a Monk who enjoys all the trappings of the modern world, yet claims to be a Monk.
However, men are to blame also for not sitting down, going over many issues before merely tie the knots on false pretense. I have come across many sisters who use to wear the veil, and now put on all sorts of Brazilian hair, artificial hairs and even slightly bleach. This means, such sisters were wearing the veil as a fashion statement.

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