Saturday, 19 July 2014

The power of Ignoring Idiots

With the powerful words of Ali (RA), we have to speak and ensure, justice, fairness and truth never crumble. We cannot speak against, a system in our country that slowly started with good people saying nothing, until we reach a point, nobody can say anything within the corners of our country and remain safe. In that vain, let us not avoid discussing national issues because of our own ambitions. If our ambitions stands in the way of us being afraid to be truthful, honest and patriotic, then we have no legs to stand on in chastising our dictator. Yahya Jammeh came to us innocently, and he slowly transform himself to what he is due to his inner greed, but also due to the calibre of people he surrounds himself with. If Gambian organisations want to be left alone, then let them not assume over reaching status. if they say, we want to speak for Gambians as a whole, then they cannot preach leave us alone. Do not respond to wild goose chase, respond to substance...May Allah forgive our shortcomings and bless our country, our fast, charity, prayers and community. Amin..

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