Saturday, 19 July 2014

Standing Against Ethnic domination of Gambian Public space

Paraphrasing the great Nelson Mandela 'I will fight against Mandinka domination, and will equally fight against Wollof, Fula, Jola, and all other ethnic domination, to see a Gambian public space that is sensitive, cordial, respectful and tolerant of others. So long as we allow interest groups to be pretentious and sweet talk their evil plans into our hearts with emotive sanctimonious tricks, we will continue to have a divided agenda.
People in our land should be bold and happy to speak their mother tongue to anyone without fear or apathy, respect others and expect the same, evaluate whether you attempt to speak the language of your co-country men/women, evaluate even further whether you are sensitive to the feelings of others, and we will find out that, many of us, are found wanting in that department. 
Without mutual respect, emotional sensitivity and tolerance, dictators will continue to have fertile grounds in our shores and they will come in many shapes and sizes, be they military, intellectuals, scholars, revolutionary Marxist, Pan-Africanist, Liberal, Religious etc, watch your attitude to others, no one wants to be disrespected, however nice/soft the person be come across" Rest in peace Mandela

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