Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Gambia: A country of Drama and Tribulations

The High court Judge responsible for putting behind bars prominent and high profile Gambians is on the run. Justice Emanuel Nkea, a born again Cameroonian liar and fake legal luminary meddled his way to the top seat of Gambia's legal establishment.
The Joke that is the APRC government, the laughing stock which has consumed every fiber of our government institutions is a daily source of drama and tribulations for many. Now a days, Gambians get bored if they don't read or hear news of trials and tribulations of fellow Gambians. It is as if the whole Yahya Jammeh rule is a Nollywood film plot at every given twist and turn.

UDP Amadou Sanneh was tortured and brutalized, yet Emanuel Nkea, pointedly declined Amadou's legal representatives the right to reveal his body to him. Emanuel Nkea is not a oblivious of the crimes he presided over, he is part of the engine that drives, 'legal base oppression' in the Gambia. 
Will the High Court do the decent thing and free all victims of Justice Nkea? Will a precedent be set, whereby, all his cases be reviewed and thrown out as incompetent and unworthy of the rulings?
The point newspaper bravely published the current status of Justice Nkea, Yahya Jammeh's many fake, laughable and criminal blood shocker Nigerian and Cameroon legal brigade.
Nkea, the jailer of a good Gambian, Amadou Sanneh is on the run, to where? In fact, it was peddled in the rumor mills that, Justice Nkea was smuggled out by the security officers, after doing so many dirty jobs for President Jammeh.
What we Gambians most realize is that, Yahya Jammeh is good at burying evidence, and if his evil accomplishes are not buried six feet deep, abscond, they are smuggled out.

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