Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Nude protest in Africa: Gambian women in struggle

However idiotic an African man may be, one thing that no African tyrant or head of state dear stand up to is the nude protest of old and young women. No African President has yet brave a parade by nude women, yet lazy Gambian men are threatening to exposing nude photos on facebook.
How useless can one be. Very sad mentality of brothers whose head are in a bottle. Be man enough and stop being a low life. Women's body are not for joking with.
Gambian women in the struggle should redeem each other and not peach against each other. There are few leading women in the struggle and the Alpha-female tendency can easily arouse scornful dismissive attitude and leading to strong under current, sisters hating each other. Let the sisters redeem each other and be a block that embrace rather than fight overtly.
Any man who goes out of his way to manipulate photos or spread nudity is not worth the trouser he wears. With technology now, anyone can be undressed, anyone can be placed at place you never visited. We have seen dictator Jammeh and nude women, are those photos real?

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