Friday, 9 September 2011

Two scholars and a Tyrant

Two scholars were once invited by a tyrant. They knew the tyrant like embarrassing and punishing his critics needlessly. So when they were told to answer to the Caliph (President), the two scholars became very worried.
They discuss a plan of action to avoid any punishment. One of the scholars proposed to the other a plan. He said, they should agree with everything the dictator told them, "let us say, we agree your excellency, you are right etc etc".
However, when they arrived at the Caliph's office, the scholar who proposes a complete submission to whatever the Calipher said, changed his mind.
As soon as they exchange greetings, he launched at the Caliph with more attacks on his tyranny and lack of tolerance to the people, his attacks where so fierce, the Caliph was dumb founded. After the scholar finished talking, the Caliph never said anything, he told them to leave.
On their way home, the other scholar asked his colleague, why has he change his mind and attacked the dictator?
The response was that, when he thought of the majesty of God, his powers and excellence, the tyrant looked like a pussycat. He said, "why should I be afraid of someone whose will die and be punish for his crimes?
Let us not be afraid of our tyrants. They are humans like us. They go to the toilet, they sleep, eat and fall ill. We should think of the majesty and Dominion of God.

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