Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Arab Spring, can Africans emulate the mass action
"...And every obstinate, arrogant dictator was brought to a complete loss and destruction." Quran 14:15
Hi Fatou, it is politically educative if this link is put on Maafanta's video window. The Arab Spring answered a lot of question in dealing with tyrants and their enablers. This four part documentary demonstrate that, any actions against dictatorship is for those on the ground to come to that conclusion.
And one significant matter surfaced is the fact that, mass protest should be devoid of partisanship. A total unified action is the only way Africans can also stand against dictatorship and oppression. For far too long, people have been critical of the Arabs, but they have shown the way.
The other complex issues in starting masses protest against dictatorship is that, people will die. The decomentary also shows that, coming to terms with the death of innocent people is something that shouldn't be taken lightly.
Therefore, political activist on the outside have to put that into their equations. Dictators are cowards by nature, and they will hardly ever avoid inflicting death as a measure of last resort.

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