Wednesday, 21 September 2011

In The Current Affairs of the Gambia: There is no Fence sitting

By Prince Oberian Cooker

Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the Knowledge we have lost in information? T.S. Eliot (Chorus of "The Rock')

I have said it before and I will say it again and forever, that in the current affairs of The Gambia; there is NO FENCE to sit on. You either condone the Orwellian State or condemn its inhumanity. It has become commonplace on these forums to bolster the agenda of the status quo, than to demonise it. For those who see Yahya Jammeh as the world greatest leader could be easily excused since Jammeh has all the qualities that Morons and Idiots look for in their heroes. For some of these people, their policies sit invariably far above their consciences.
There are those among us who profess to oppose Yahya Jammeh, but are doing more effective things to get him re-elected than the entire APRC. What I find funny with these people, is the fact that they never come out and tell us who they would really prefer to rule the country. It is about time we stopped closing our eyes in the dark and face reality of the politics of our country. Some of these people are always against anything possible to get rid of the APRC regime.
One well-known contributor recently stated this: “As you are aware, even the developed economies are facing serious fiscal slippages. You know that even in the mighty USA states are struggling. Similarly, U.K, France, and others are facing the same problems.The Gambia is not any different because we are part of the global economy. However, I believe professor Jammeh can weather this storm just like he did when he first came, and throughout his tenure. Here is the evidence below.
I compared 15 years of Jawara and 15 years of Jammeh.”. One thing that this twisted brain bugger forgot to mention was that the Gambia is an “Almoody” nation in comparison to the counties he mentioned. The Gambia neither produces nor manufactures, thus anything we have is given to us by the very countries he is trying to put the Gambia on par with. Another thing that we are less pragmatic about is the unification of the opposition parties.
We failed to emulate the formulae of successful coalitions and also failed in our unwarranted castigation of the people duly elected by thousands of people to be their leaders. One thing has to be borne in mind by all Gambians is that any united opposition WITHOUT the leadership of the UDP is bound to failed and mercilessly too. The UDP, since its inception, has done better in all Elections than all the other parties put together. It’s about time we faced this fact.
I am aware that there are those who would want to advocate that PDOIS should be in the forefront of any decision making body in the opposition. PDOIS, the oldest of the functional parties in the opposition is yet to garner more than 6% of the popular Gambian votes. It is high time that we put an end to the “ostrich” politics that is hampering our progress. I urge all well-meaning Gambia to exhort all leaders to work together to get rid of the abomination we are now in. Prince

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