Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Why PDOIS always attack other Gambian opposition Rivals

Truth is relative, it is not absolute. However, indoctrinations caused folks to be blinded in the face of falsehood. The guys at PDOIS are politicians, true or false? They have a stake in getting to the helm of Gambians state, true or false? They have a media outlets which they use to achieve the agenda of programmed, targeted brainwashing. They have been at it for over twenty years. Now, do you think, this men haven't perfected the craft of emotional blackmail of their members?
What has happen to them is that, people have woken-up to their years of long big messages. And now they intend to use other media platforms in selling this controlled message. This is why, Suwaibou went out of his way, in listing instruction to its members. This is a sad strategy. What we have done is highlight to Gambians that, these guys aren't monks whose preoccupation is sacrificing for a God. They are politicians aiming to assume power. And to that end, they will use nice words, castigate opponents, use whatever it takes except military means to get your vote.

And since their vote share in the Gambia is less than all active oppositions parties present in the Gambia, they intend to attack other opposition rivals too in an attempt to sell them their ideas. And what we have told them is that, look if all is equal, the Gambia has a flourishing democracy, with fair playing field, that is politics as usual. But that is not the case in the Gambia, therefore, let the opposition maintain a decorum of mutual respect.
But hell, for PDOIS, that is not on. They see themselves as God-send. They don't value any Gambian. What God has bestowed on them is not comparable to any living or dead Gambian. This is why, they cannot allow themselves to join hands with any party in the Gambia. They see that as betraying their reason deter. This is why, PDOIS will always create an environment, a climate where opposition unity will be far away dream of Gambian across the globe. Hence, what they will do is try to insert clauses which will fall flat on all sound reasoning. Write elongated documents basing their agreements on that. Yet, when you look at their size, voter share, you see nothing. This is what is causing disunity and anger among wider Gambians.

The end result, PDOIS achieve what they always wanted. Swift the blame on Gambian opposition to the bigger party and they run around trying to provide an expert opinion. This is what happen in NADD and sadly it may happen in all plan talks. They don't want any other way, it is the PDOIS way or no way. Yet, The Gambia is blessed with intelligent men and women. Who are more than capable of taking the country by the croft of it neck, stare it towards reconciliation and greatness. But Lo and Behold, PDOIS executives believe that, there is no true son of the Gambia to match them. They disregard us all. Yet, when you go through their papers, for God sake, let them stop the hype.
If executive members of the party make themselves the subject of discussions by bias analysis of rivals, we have no option but name such individual and provide a fitting response.



But if you do not show the respect and the discipline to listen to your opponent, how can you be sure that you are making the right argument based on the facts, Santanfara?


I am sure you can do with a bit of that advise yourself Kay. You see, I am not in the business to bow down to anybody's fabrications. Should the elders in PDOIS think that, they cannot respect their opponents just like those people respect them, why should you expect me to accord them such?
They are the one's wasting debating time on NADD. Haven't they realise that, the subject is pass it usefulness, why then should Halifa be lecturing over this issue?
Jammeh is sitting pretty and all he can think of is what never was. Since he couldn't pull the deception game, and now he wants to clean himself of all wrong doing. Not so fast dear Kay.

You have wrote nonsence about Ousainou here in the past. Did I caution you over manners?
Tell the bereau chiefs that, what matters now is fighting the 2011 battle. and not through the spider's web tricks of agenda 2090, through proper party politics.
The UDP understands the constraints the opposition parties are operating under. This is why, the party avoids criticising any single Gambian opposition. Ousainou is always on record praising his rivals. If PDOIS cannot do that. hell, i know they don't see any Gambain as good as they are, but let them leave us alone and focus of the killer president.
Suwaibou can call on BanKi Moon or Nelson Mandela to say, yes PDOIS is innocent, we careless since all that will be doing is wasting precious time.
By the way, Our former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is available for such task. He is an execllent Barrister and a top notch politician. Let Suwaibou contact him. We will accept Blair's advocacy. UDP Secretariat have no business in this issue. I wonder whether Suwaibou is alert over that. An Independent Legal Adviser... Yeah, Fafa Mbye, Bory Touray, and many more. We are base in London, should they wish to come and discuss, let them give us a date and time. Good bye.

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You see, when the PDOIS camp lacks anything useful to say, they cry woolf. Responding to slander entails digging out the false tales. ANd if that trigger you to say, I have become personal, welcome bro.
However, Halifa started the discourse, why all of a sudden Suwaiboou emerged with his bullet points communist manual instructions to old boys PDOIS members. It make me sad to see that, the three elders in the bereau still looks at its members like children.For God sake, some of this guys are of equal or similar age to Halifa.


Anonymous said...

Suntou if you think that this is way forward, keep on moving. My problem with all this unity project is that of leadership crisis. I respect Ousainou and the UDP, but i think he did not show leadership as the leader of the biggest opposition party in the process of forming a united opposition to take on Jammeh. Yes UDP is the biggest, but they can not just hand him the leadership like that without any shared policies and programs. In 1996, NCP and Sheriff Dibba were the biggest opposition party in the gambia and why didn't all the oppositions rally behind him? I don't have any problems with Ousainou leading a unified opposition against Yayah and the APRC,but i think we need a serious debate about the system change and the institutions and culture of political awareness needed for gambians to control their own destiny for good.I have voted for UDP in all elections that i voted, but the crisis that led to the failure of NADD was lack of leadership on the side of UDP as main opposition party. One more point Sountou with the present condition, no alliance will do it against Jammeh without a unified opposition of all parties. If not, it will be the same old story again. what needs to be done is lets go back to the drawing board and let UDP show leadership to bring all parties together to take on APRC. This idea that UDP can do without PDOIS will be an uphill battle if not impossible. You need to turndown the rhetoric and see the reality on the ground. Without a unified opposition, gambians will be on the hook for five more years of Jammeh. Just a thought.


Thanks for your comments. However, mine is no rethoric. I meant every single word i utter. However, should PDOIS sympathisers like you think that, Sedia, Halifa and Sam are folk who will listen to other Gambians, then you are missing something.
UDP showed enough leadership to bargain and give away their voter share for unity to happen.
Presenting In England, there is a coalition government, did the bigger party give away its voter share for there to be unity?

The UDP did all they could for there to be unity, even allowing the likes of Hassan Musa Camara to make the executive of UDP give a blind eye to Halifa's trickery, yet when things became apparent that, the standpoint of PDOIS will not allow for a coherent partnership Darboe withdrew his party.
Yet, we at UDP realises that, PDOIS wanted that to happen. Because it gave them a platform, an opportunity to talk tough, making every bad analysis about the UDP, yet it is them who held all others to ransom.
Finally, it doesn't matter whether, a coalition is able to remove Yahya or not. What matters is that, let there presidence which has happen in many other countries. Hence, if intelligent people like you can be blaming Darbooe, then it shows how shocking the propaganda of PDOIS has affect you. Darboe or no Gambian can reason with PDOIS in a way that will create mutual solution. We give away our majority, support base, just to give some folks a bone to chew, yet they throw at our face fabricating. We will not allow them to transmitt our side of the story, and should they think their sturboness will change anything, they should think again.
My highest regard to whoever you are. Do you think, if it is PDOIS with a 27% voter share, they will comtemplate talking to any Gambian opposition? With 3% they are making this level of noise, talk less of 15%, 20% or 25%. They will slaughter anyone who suggest it to them.