Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims

Fasting has commenced on the 11Th of August 2010. Muslims will observe the no eating, drinking and sex from morning to evening. In England, fasting starts at 3.30 am to 20.44pm. The total number of hours without the intake of any food or beverage is 17 hours in total.
This is all in observing the command of God. He ordered the Prophet Muhammad to fast, as this is in line with the habit of all Prophets before him, including Jesus.

Fasting has many benefits for those who observe it with sincerity and proper understanding. One learns how to control harden desires and urges. One can feel the pains of those who lack the basic necessities of life. The things we take for granted are precious to many in the global village.
Food, water, accommodation, health care and many other small things are major issues for halve the world's populations.
Fasting provides a mechanism for universal brotherhood. We don't have to all belong to one religion, faith or dimension to feel for one another. The British nationals for instance are known worldwide for their generosity to charitable givings. The solidarity they show to other less well off is an immense show human spirit and care.
Fasting in similar vain makes Muslims understand the seriousness of been a good human being. The humility and restraints it imbue is without match.
May God accept the little sacrifices. Amen

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