Thursday, 5 August 2010


But why?
Heat, pain, anguish and sorrow
Loneliness and lies
Framing, canning betrayals
Oh Jesus!
The tears of Jesus is not that of fear
The drops expose more than we envisage
After the Sound bite and cliché
Chinese whispers ensues

Adventurous cronyism caused the likes of Jesus to
Be left to dry
He knew, he is a crook, a common bandit
However, is he a lone?
The operations in the damned franchise
Is steered not by lower movers like him
He has been part of a lot
Rough and ready decency
Personal odyssey laid bare

If foot soldiers are blamed for serious crimes
What then happen to the General?
We told Jesus, aiding a tyrant means one thing
Like gangsters, when you become a liability
The sounds of bullets reap your heart
In a shadow state, the imbecile Judges and magistrates, do the arm twisting

Jesus cried because, he knew the big cat is as culpable as he is
That, no wanton crimes happens without the orders from above
That he Jesus was reassured and pet
Now, he is laughed at
Passersby sneered at him
They wish he is dead
Jesus’s tears is that of a broken man
A man left to dry
He now feels the injustices sane Gambians wail over
The tears of Jesus is that of anger not pain
His hurling of insults is to stir passions
To give ammunition to populist overtures
To him, I say indignantly ‘silence in the court’

By Suntou Touray

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