Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jammeh Bites Again, Going After His former Ministers

Amadou S Janneh Arrested
It is crude to see Gambians been arrested on unclear grounds. Mr Janneh is a private businessman, the state should follow the proper procols of granting bail to individuals, allowing them access to a lawyer and explaining the reasons for the arrests.
However, we all know Yahya Jammeh, his intention as always is to cast fear in the hearts of private Gambians, thereby he can continue his divide and rule, wastage and monstrous governance. Regretably, brother Janneh made a mistake by working for him in the past. Yahya never give a post to any Gambian with the aim of moving the Gambia ahead. An intelligent brother like Amadou now appreciates that. We hope his rights are respected and he is free to go about his business.
I am wondering, what is the take of our prominent Gunjure legal expert LJD on the subject of the arrest of Amadou Janneh and Chief Ajey Janneh. With the rumour meal going around that, Ajey is been undermine to take the Cheiftiancy away from him, paving the way for another political coup in conquering Gunjure for the forrth coming elections, LJD's analysis will be relevant to many observers.
The NIA should grow up now and realise that, assisting a despot for the sake of national security is no exemption from being an accomplish to human rights violations. They have over 17 years been the key ingredient in inflicting harm on Gambians, both physically and mentally. They sold their souls to Yahya by committing crimes on his behalf, this means he is better than many of them.Suntou



Dr Janneh's well being is a concern to all well meaning Gambians. What we on the other side of the fence cannot do is, make every wannabe elite realise that, the man they are dealing with will come to harm them one day. I can see the serious message in George's remarks. Wha is happening is that, dictators don't overstay by their genius, it is with the help of selfish educated elites.> Take a look at Yahya's inner circle at state house, nearly all of them where with us not long ago. They knew the man inside out, this is why, they all decides to cut contact as soon they went in. Such is their passion for self interest.
This is not a Gambian problem alone. Compare the scenario in Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Bukina Faso, Angola, etc etc, it is elites, educated in prestigious or semi-prestigious western Universities who look the other way to indulge their greed by assisting and maintaining the savages we have as Head of States.
Therefore, yes, we should call for their releases, but we should also realise that, we are sending a wrong signal. If we are not careful, Like Egypt, Tunis, Yemen, Bukina Faso and other countries, it will be our grand children who will continue fighting this battle.
All those educated and well informed Gambians who have a choice not to work for the dictator, but chose to do so are responsible for their own faith.
There are civil servants who have no choice. Their career is such that, no other avenue can take them, this are bonifide citizens so long as they didn't allow themselves to be used in suppressing Gambians.
For now, our call is for Dr Janneh to be free. He has been a private citizen over some time. The authorities should explain the reason for his arrest in the shortest possible time.


Some of our brothers should be treated like kid's in their hour of need. You assist them to be out of danger, however, you caution them and repeat the Lady mantra, "Didn't I tell You not to do this".
All concern Gambians should do their best to redeem those in the dictators cluches, we know the dangers of befriending a tyrant, they will make you soup when there is none.
Dr Janneh is a valuable Gambian and I pray that he comes out stronger and join those undermining the sinister and terrible regime of Yahya Jammeh.