Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Reason Yahya Jammeh Can Never Be Compassionate

Suntou Touray

Jammeh like other dictators before him are never adored neither do they ever enjoy their time in office. Hence all the killings, jailing, sackings and insults are all from the pains in the heart. Jammeh is not happy because he knows, 99% of all those praising him, will be the first to laugh when he dies or falls. Such is the deep pain the man who uses arms to come to power feels. So sometimes, just look at his face, the sadness is intense.

A man who has killed and wasted many lives have no reason to be compassionate, therefore, when some Gambians expect a devil worshipper, killer, restless soul to be nice, they are looking at a wrong scenario.

Take drug dealers for instance, their money is a pain, so you don't expect them to have a good night sleep. Jammeh like Mubarack, Gaddafi, Idi Amin, Abacher and many others will all die in disgrace.

Human life, human dignity cannot be bargain with any structure. This is why, Gambians in their number are abandoning GRTS, everyone now want a satellite disk to avoid been slow poison with the depressing image of a monster.

Rest In Peace brother Koro. The first blood spilled by the Junta led to many more deaths. Therefore those who rain bitterness because we refuse to accept Jammeh should put themselves in the place of Koro and others buried 'six feet'. But if Jammeh's crimes are overlooked for other reasons, those Gambians have lost the moral compass to argue on anything. Nothing is worth more human life or human rights.

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