Monday, 20 June 2011

WHy Arrest ALh Ismaila Manjang

The unreasonable and rediculous arrest of ALH Ismalia Manjang of Gunjure last week is a very low down in Jammeh's madness. How can you arrest a preacher for saying, certain places use for offerings are similar to Idolatry?

He didn't mention Jammeh any where in his speech. And it is true, The shrine at the River side, Sibindento, The retreat of Omar Futi is not an Islamical acceptable place for worship. Omar Futi waged unnecessary wars against even Muslim for his Tijaniyaa sect. How can such a person be elevated to a level he does not deserve?

Omar Futi whose usual retreats are taken a Shrines is the dept of ignorance amongst some Tijaniyaa sects. He waged wars against those refusing to accept his Tijaniyaa sects in Mali, Niger, Guinea, Senegal and parts of the Gambia.

He was killed by a combine Bambara forces and Sarahuleh inhabitants of Masina. Such a warlord does not deserve to be made into a Saint. He is alleged to use the agency of Jinns for his adventures. The so-called miracles attributed to him where nothing but the usual traits of those involving with Jinns. Let people direct their worship and dedication to God. It is a waste of time, resources and effort go to Sanne Menteren, Kenye Kenye Jamen, Sibindinto etc.

Omar Taal was a empire builder who hide behind his sect.

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