Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Did Foroyaa miscalculate the Intentions of the Military Junta by Attacking Jawara back then

Foroyaa's attacks Jawara:

Unless Jawara knows what we did not know, the evidence at hand was that there were nine members of the Constitutional Review Commission excluding the chairperson who was the only Ghanaian and foreigner. They said there was a drafts person who is a British but what difference does that makes when majority of the members are Gambians?FOROYAA said the decision of the Commission shall be determined by the votes of the majority of members present .

The chairman who is a Ghanaian has simply had a casting vote but that does not change anything. There is no indication from any quarter that Justice Quaye acted in a way that puts his reputation into disrepute.

FOROYAA advised that Gambians who are fair- minded should, therefore, dwell on the contents of the draft Constitution rather than attack the persons associated with making the proposals, the bulk of which now constitute the draft Constitution of the Second Republic……………

FOROYAA ASKED whether Mr. Jawara was against all these provisions. And asked its readers what they thought of that because the draft consist a lot democratic.

Suntou's note:

The Junta hide their intention for contesting elections. They were on nation wide tour, attacking traditional politicians whilst selling themselves, making huge promises. Jawara's fear of the potential infringement of the human rights of Gambians and Gambian residence is a self-fulfilled prophesy. The Yahya Jammeh of yesterday is now a full blown Crocodile with wide open mouth. Thus Jawara's fears came true.

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