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Mai Fatty's personal Life coming to the foe

I posted a small welcome message for the new party in Gambia's political scheme. Some writers are of the opinion that, at this juncture in the Gambia's history, more parties are not wha is needed. But one person left this comment about Mai Fatty which i commented on.
Have a read:
Anonymous said...
"mr mai fatti,leader of this new party, will face a courtcase as soon he arrives in the gambia, this so said in justice believing person, buys goods without paying them, to be continued....31 January 2009 12:04"

My response to the above comments.
Thanks for your comment. I don't know Mai fatty and certainly cannot comment on his private dealings. I have the opinion that, any citizen of the Gambia who intends to assume public office should first be vetted and scrutinised by an independent authority for past frauds, crimes and moral conducts. But this is when the country has independent bodies that can act neutral and objective but in our case that is not so.I intend to write about the old forms of leader selection God-willing. But we live in a modern world, people can put themselves forward to be elected as future presidents and other lower public offices. This i believe is self-defeating. Mai Fatty is said to be a man of strong personality and a strong negotiator. Also he is said to stand up for the student members of Muslim high school during his head boys days and that he defended folks from rural areas who were intimidated by some city boys. Another news i heard of him was an encounter he had with his lecturer in Foray Bay college Sierra Leon. The story is that, Mai kept attending the court proceeding of his lecturer in law but the Lecturer warn him to stop attending his sitings, which Mai refuse to do. Later he had a problem with the university authorities. Do the Gambia needs a Strong headed leader at this juncture? This is debatable. There have been many sad and bad things that occurred in our tiny country. A charismatic and steady person who is intelligent and having a good foresight is thus a suitable person we need to put the country together again. If anyone argue that the Gambia is not divided today, then that person don't understand the underlying problems brewing under the surface. Yahya has thrive on dividing the population and using heavy handed methods in silencing and cowing the decent citizens of the Gambia. To bring peace and reconciliation, a united opposition is needed for the first five year after Yahya. This will bring us together and help set up several committees to investigate past crimes and deal with them professionally and dignifiable.The future of the Gambian union is in the hands of level headed Gambians. Mai seems to be a level headed person, but will his personal dealings haunt him? I don't know. God is the best judge. One thing politics do, is uncover people's personal lives. I hope Mai can handle all the issues that will now come to be associated with him. If indeed he has issues to sort of with people, then i advise him to do that now and move on.


Anonymous said...

It is very encouraging that people are manifesting serious interests on the new Movement. Mr. Mai Fatty should fully understand the concerns of some Gambians which are legitimate under the circumstances. He should not been oblivious to the fact that once in the public arena such as political activism, he is vulnerable to wider, extensive public scrituny. This is very healthy for our democracy, and I believe he would welcome it. This is the only opportunity for reform, self introspection, and progress, as he eloquently stated in his speech. I too thank all those who take part in this debate on GMC for our democracy's sake.

For too long, people's voice have been crushed, and I believe that it is fair for Gambians and the larger public to discuss about him, to determine his eligibility as a public figure, his strengths, weaknesses and even idio-syncricies. Mr. Fatty should be very enthusiastic to engage and to encourage the public on this debate on him, and The Gambia Moral Congress, as I know him to be open minded. I ask that we make our country our passion like Mai himself had said, and in doing so, those like him who volunteer to steer public affairs must be ready to take both heat and praise with modesty.

Like all of us, especially those criticising him, Mai Fatty is not a saint, and certainly not perfect. He may have his weaknesses as a human being, and like every one else, the difference makes as to his acknowledgment of his frailties, amend them and his alacrity to move on. Even some of the best rightly Guided Caliphs started on very unimpressive footing, public figures who later shaped human history as well. I accept that like all of you, and them, Mai also must have made his own fair share of mistakes, and its nothing to be proud of. We all wished the contrary, but human progress is about learning from experiences, attorn, and move on, on a higher level. Mai is entitled to claim this human phenomenon, and its a process he stated earlier that he aspires, and to do his best to pursure.

Mai Fatty in forming GMC does not offer to participate in a contest of perfection. No one could claim to be without blemish, and this is not a justification for either me, him or any of you. If he offends any one, he said that he was truly sorry in his interview with Freedom newspaper last year, but I wish to draw attention to the over 70 percent of cases in his Chambers all of which are free legal service to poor Gambians. This excludes days and hours of police, NIA harassment, detention and arrest for his human rights activities, and a consistent record of twenty eight years for defending human rights and political plurality from teen student days, etc. Unlike most of you, Mai experienced the nauseating smell of the walls and floors of police cells, as a student activist to mature professional legal life, slept in mosquito infested cells of NIA for defending Gambians, experienced torture, intimidation, and family harassment, all for standing up to be counted. Mai did not run away or go under ground like some of us criticising him. He faced the brunt of the oppression inside the country without expectation of rewards, and rejected bribes of high profile government jobs in exchange for his silence. I have never heard him regreted abandoning the luxury of his bed to sleep on the bare floor of a cold, nasty police cell, or the bitter fangs of hunger under NIA detention, or see an in-mate piss next to his nose in confinement.

Its so easy to attack from comfortable refuge in the U.S or Europe, and what have some of you done for the struggle back home? This is the cruial question...what have you sacrificed for Gambia, to free Gambians under Yaya Jammeh?

Mai said publicly that he isnt proud of few things he may have done in the past, especially after he was failed by a lecturer at FBC and kicked out of school, when he almost lost his mind. In the wrong frame of mind, and almost lacking any sense of direction due to psycholigical, he may have done few things that are out of character. He was my school mate and I remember how he was put in jail for two weeks for fighting for Gambian students, and he never gave up on us. How many of you are courageous enough to publicly admit your faults and apologise for it? Why should we judge him by one standard and ourselves by a different standard? How fair is this? That was then, and I do not justify or glorify any mistake like he admitted as well.

Mai never gave up on us under torture or intimidation. This is not the time to give up on him. Let us treat each other fairly as Gambians. Mai took leadership role and suffered for us as a student without demanding much from us, and he proved his strength of personality as a leader. He went to prison to defend and protect us, and never chose the confortably out, like some us might do.

By forming GMC, Mai is forward looking, and his commitment to our people have assumed center stage in his life for long. This is undeniable. Even those who criticise him respect that about him. Lets join Mai on the journey of sacrifice, even if you are not ready to put yourself publicly on the line like him. Let us make The Gambia our passion like he said, and join forces to change the situation on the ground. If we continue to fight each other, the prize will elude us. Those who express caution with GMC, please put something pratical on the table that has practical national relevance on the ground in The Gambia, not just making fanciful theoretical assumptions thousands of miles away. Start doing something practical to back your fiery rhetoric and criticism!
Meanwhile farmers are starving, poverty is relentless, the economy is in ruins, education is on the rapid decline, infrustructure is in decay, parliament and courts are under tyrannical siege, and indegenous enterprise is dead. What is your plan for these, among others? Do you think its just simply enough for you to criticise those who set out to do something practical about these on the ground like Mai? Let us be realistic!!!

Hassan Jagne -

Anonymous said...

I would like to say someting about Lamin Darbo's commentary on Mai Fatty's eligibility to run for president. I am not a lawyer, but it doesnt take a lawyer to understand that Lamin Darbo misconstrued the relevant provisions of the Gambian Constitution.

The whole construction of the provision principally falls on "ordinarily resident". This to any person, including any judge means one's normal place of residence. I know that judges do not interprete provisions in vacuum. They do so in relation to factual circumstances befor them to accord life and meaning to words or expressions as used in particular contexts.

Whether one uses the literal, purposive or any other meaning of a word or expression, it will make no sense if it cannot be tied down to facts being determined. Jurists are agreed on the contention that when a word or expression is clear, the ordinary dictionary meaning will be preferable to any other canon of legal interpretation. This is clearly the case as regards to "ordinarily resident". Even Lamin darbo, the self appointed legal luminary on the Gambian net will agree with me.

I will try to examine the factual context within which the expression "ordinarily resident" applies. Facts show that Mai Fatty has been ordinarily resident in The Gambia. A year ago, he sustained severe injuries in a car accident, injuries that were said to be life threatening and could not be treated in The Gambia, his normal place of residence. Consequently he was flown out of the country to receive specific medical treatment not available to him in his ordinary place of residence. Without such evacuation, it is highly likely that Mai Fatty may not survive. He therefore left his ordinary place of residence temporaily purposely for that treatment.

Fact also shows that Mai Fatty left to stay at hospital for care and treatment, which place certainly is no one's home and cannot be accepted as a place of residence, because it is a temporary place to stay until he gets better and permitted to return to his normal residence. The law does not care about how and why Mai Fatty came by his injuries, and thats why I failed to understand what Lamin Darboe meant by saying the cause of the injuries matter. The concept of causation has no bearing to this situation, except in his fanciful thinking. Unless there is preponderating evidence that Mai has conclusively disconnected himself from his known ordinary abode being Gambia, to another location outside The Gambia, it is too soon, and irresponsibly speculative to make the conclusions that Lamin darbo did. So far, Mai is known to be treating his injuries outside, no matter how long it takes.

Further, I find the inquiry as to where Mai "issued" his Speech petty, irrelevant, and redundant, requiring no technical spliting of legal hairs. The important thing is the contents of the speech, and it is addressed to Gambians. Mai started the speech with "Fellow Gambians", and was addressing Gambians generally. I fail to see the importance of his location in relation to the message contained in his speech or the merits of his values as he epoused them in that speech. Lamin Darbo refused to acknowledge that Mai's speech was also captioned "Global Press Release". It is intended for Gambian audiences worldwide, not just in the country, and as I read it, it was probably meant to be read from within The Gambia. However, that is besides the point unless Lamin Darbo can prove that Mai's message could be rendered diminutive by virture thereof.

Therefore, the two issues that were raised by Lamin Darboe have no merit. They have no relevance to the vitality of the message from Fatty, and his interpretation of the law is woefully wrong. He assumed an almost dogmatic position by asserting that the courts can only take his untenable version of judicial construction. That borders on pseudo-intellectual arrogance. His flamboyant journey into multiple approaches to legal construction of words and phrases is symptomatic of his seeming self-adulation and demonstration of his vain legal prowess. That wasnt necessary, and am appalled at his last sentence accusing of Mai ofusing the dictatorship to "hustle" on other Gambians. This guy is just jealous, because like a lawyer that he is, he should know Mai's record of sacrifice and commitment to Gambians for decades. While he was enjoying himself, Mai spent his student life suffering to make conditions better for Gambian students. We would like to know his own contributions to the struggle in The Gambia. We know that he was a Magistrate, and a very unsuccessful one at that. No wonder he ran away or was he dismissed by Yaya Jammeh?

Lamin Sanneh, Bristol, UK


Thanks Brother Hasan and Lamin for the indept and intelligent comments. Indeed you two have raised vital issues worth looking into in Mai;s career. As i said in the on set, i knew very little about Mai and certainly brother Hassan's posting highligted quiet a lot about Mai Fatty. I wish him all the best in his political career and that the good omens of the soil of the Gambia be with him. Brother lamin, your points concerning the take of former magistarte LJ darboe is also indept. the message has been posted on the Gambia L list where LJ darboe will analyse the points you made which were succint and hard hiting. The Gambia today is ready for any intellectual challenge pose by anyone. I hope both brother Hasan and Lamin will find time to respond to issues raised by others on the topic.

Anonymous said...

Gambia Moral Congress

From: Abdoulie Jallow, Leeds, UK

I want to add my voice to welcome the new political Movement to the Gambian political landscape. I dont know all of the people behind this Party, but am very satisfied with its National Chairman, Lawyer Fatty. I remember when I used to be at Armitage High School in Georgetown (Jangjanbureh), Mai was the Head Boy of Muslim High School from where he later went to St. Augustine`s High. What I like about the guy is that he is willing to fight for people against all odds. He stands for principle, and defends people in trouble with no profit for himself. This is what I know to be his record of sacrifice, and only a good leader does that.

I also learn about his struggles with the Jammeh dictator, and how he is one of their biggest problems due to his principled positions. I never hear about this Lamin Darbo who is insinuating things that are very unjust or what he does to salvage the problem on the ground. This Lamin Darbo is among those who strengthened Yaya Dictator until he was found to exceed his use, and he left. If he was not forced to leave, he would still be in Gambia sending people like Mai to jail. I also agree with Lamin Sanneh that he is just jealous, and would like to cloud Mai's chances of success in politics. Only Yaya Jammeh's spokesmen could take this line of argument in his first comment on a day old new political party. Am sure he is looking for a job and I dont trust this phoney guy.

I tried to put my views on Gambia L, but I need a sponsor. It is good at times that we expose people who are wolves in sheep's clothing, like Yaya Dictator's subtle spokesmen. Jealousy is a very dangerous disease, and Lamin Darbo is infected with it. Mai can contest elections, and we expect Lamin Darbo to defend Mai's right to do that, to argue law in support of that, not the PhD syndrome (pull him down).

Mai is not perfect, and if you are looking for perfect leaders, then you must be dreaming. He has his faults like me, Lamin Darbo or any of you. Give the guy a chance, and stop the negativity. We dont need yaya dictator spokesman pulling down those who stand up to be counted. Lamin Darbo is not among those, as we all know.

Anonymous said...

Gambia Moral Congress

Kebba Ceesay, CRR, Gambia.

Thanks to Brother Sountou for hosting this blog. I agree with Haruna Darbo on Gambia L on the new Party. My message to lawyer Fatty is not to be discouraged by people like Lamin Darbo or Pa Nderry Mbai. Those of us who live inside the Gambia know how he is fighting against the tyranny of Yaya Jammeh, without advertising his efforts. Even one like Pa Nderry knows that and I thank him for naming Mai as Man of Year. Later, his stance proves contrary to his own convictions, saying that Mai must be out of his mind to form a new party. Every eligible Gambian has a right to, so why not Mai. Let others form their own too instead of empty criticism!

Here in the Gambia, so many people are very excited about GMC, and am sure if they tour the country, they will have alot of supporters. Sometimes we wonder the bahaviour of some Gambians on the net. They deride everybody as if they are the only brave persons, yet they will never dream of comming to fight on the ground. Talk is cheap, and we are tired of people casting aspersions on the efforts of people like Fatty. I am a supporter of this brave Gambian, and I know in our region, lots of youth will follow him. We are tired of drowning in seas to go to Babylon due to the system. Lamin Darbo is enjoying the burgers and pizzas, and putting down Fatty's chances. This guy is giving armunition to APRC, and that puts him against the people. I dont trust this Lamin Darbo as he subtly holds brief for Yankuba Touray and Fatoumata Jahumpa.

I have word of advice for Lamin Darbo. Come back to Gambia and fight to stop yaya human rights atrocities, like Mai Fatty. I promise to pay for your ticket.


Thanks brother Abdoulie Jallow for the comments. If you want a sponsor on the Gambia L list, just leave your email address, i will be happy to assist. Interesting comments. I think this is the time for friends and acquaintance of Mai speak up on his behalf. I respect that philosophy. folks like myself never meet or know anything about Mai, but his conviction is out for all to see.
Brother Kebba nice to read your comments. How is CRR by the way? Mai would love the fact that folks back home are following the development of his party. Politics can be inetersting. I only have a word of caution for Mai's defenders, be pateint and calm with those who may raise what you term as negative vibes against mai. Gambians are intellectually and mentally growing in uderstanding especaily the educated one. I can see people with Fula, Wollof and mandinka last names defending Mai, that shows that our society is changing for the better. Be pateint with the views of others, folks are reading between the lines, defend Mai and the MRC by means, but be fair and tolerant. I wish all of you the very best. After all, it's true friends who tell each other the truth. Advice Mai if have the opportunity. for him to be calm and just to every single comment directed at him, that will butress his leadership qualities.
cheers guys

Anonymous said...


WRITTEN BY Fa Burama Conteh

Mr. Touray, the Manding Warior, thanks for hosting this blog. My attention was drawn to certain negative comments made by some Gambians against the new political baby in town Gambia Moral Congress. I whole heartedly accept the rights of these Gambians to express their views as they see fit. What I disagree with is that they offer no solutions or alternatives in their criticisms of Mr. Fatty. Common sense dictates that when you criticise something, you recommend solutions or profer better ideas. That is constructive criticism. What I see against Mai is destructive criticism ,and is unfair. Thats why I decided to join the debate because all muslims should fight unfairness.

I am a businessman, from Badibu. I saw Mai Fatty physically only once in my life, but I heard about his courage and defense of poor people in trouble many times. In every region of The Gambia, you will find someone who was helped by him as a lawyer without asking for payment. I saw him in Kerewan at the Commissioner's residence when he was touring the country making consultations on how ordinary people feel about the local government laws. In that meeting, many alkalos, and three chiefs were present, and he read what the local government laws said and exchange views on how to make it more democratic with the local people. He did the same in Mansakonko, and in all of the regions in the country meeting with local leaders, village and compund heads. This was in early 2003.

Mai Fatty knows the country, and his parents, i am told are poor farmers from Nyakoi, and he is a good muslim. I also asked people about this man after he formed his party, but those who know him are impressed with him. Whem my friend from CRR told me about your blog, as a good muslim, I just want to give testimony as a witness of what i know between me and Allah. Mai is not a saint or prophet, so we cannot expect him to be perfect. All of us sometimes do wrong things, and if we want to penalised each other for that, then the world would have ended along time ago.

I am supporting Mai, because i believe he is the best chance for Gambia now, and my family will vote for him and my friends. I will not campaign in public because unlike Mai I dont want to be arrested, but i will pray for him and support him.

Touray Manding Mori, join us to help this young Gambian muslim to lead our nation. I hope you can also give him the chance and support him like many of us, and I ask your readers to support this good man. Thank you and best of luck.


Thanks for the brilliant comments brother Fa Burama. You have manage to portray Mai in a better light adding to the many others on the topic.
I am not sure about the Manding Warrior remark though. You will find out that the Conteh's are equally capable Manding warriors. Have you ever heard of the Jamumdiro/ praise, Conteh Nkhana? It means, in the legends of Manding, The Conteh's were also in the fore fronts.
I hope Mai is reading this supporting comments by good and hard working Gambians like yourselves here. It will be humbling to him. As most of you have stated, no one is perfect, perfection belongs only to Allah. Mai will surely get negative comments, that is part of being in the public eye. I hope he can stand the heat and put a stiff challeng to the Gambia Mofala.

Anonymous said...

Conteh Warriors

From Faburama Conteh

Touray Manding Mori, I agree with you that we can lay legitimate claim to the warrior title, but traditionally, your clan are the rightful owners more than any other clan. I enjoyed reading about the dancing Tourays, and its interesting how you made your analysis.

Back to Lawyer Mai Fatty, please can you help me how I may get his email address or phone number. We would like to contact him and help organise something for his safety so that he will be received by alot of crowd when he lands at Banjul airport. This time, we do not want the best chance for Gambia to be molested by security people, and we know that he has frightened the APRC establishment here. They dont care about the other parties, but GMc is choking them, so we would like to get in touch with Mai directly for better coordination. Since we are told that you are both in England, may be you can connect us. My email is

Best wishes, and Allah Bless you.

Anonymous said...

mr suntoumana,
first allow me to thank you for this space on your blog,
i want to make something clear, my first comment has nothing to do with politics , religion or what so ever, but only between right or wrong , mr M fatti bought goods from me and never settled the balance, on the contrary, he said and i quote '' i represent the gambian law and you can not touch me'' I don t think that a person with such expressions is capable for leadership, but anyway, my comment has nothing to do with politics, i am waiting very patiently untill mr M Fatti is comming back, as a bizzman, i just want what is mine,and those are not just words in the wind

Anonymous said...

From Faburama Conteh

I want to comment on the anonymous writer who alleges that Mr. Fatty took goods from him and failed to pay for some of it. If this allegation is true, then Mr. Fatty should pay this person. However, I disgaree that he would fail to pay and say that you cannot touch me, because "I represent the Gambian law", beacause most Gambians agree that Mr. Fatty is not arrogant or show power, let us be honest. If that were true, Mr. Fatty could still refuse to pay based on that alleged statement, because the writer certainly couldnt recover alleged monies earlier.

However, I would like him to email me at, and tell me in confidence and with evidence how much Mr. Fatty owed him, and how he came to owe him. If it can be proven that his allegation is correct, then I shall pay him in full at any place or time he chooses. My shop is at the albert market in Banjul. I am not defending Mr. Fatty, but I believe that he represents Gambia's Obama, and I dont want little innocent "mistakes", if any to destroy Gambia's chance to remove APRC. I will take it as my personal donation for Mr. Fatty's efforts, and will get to Mr. Fatty later when I get his contacts from Mr. Touray.


Thanks again Faburama. I will email you Mia Public email address. I don't have his contact number though. I never spoke or show Mai, we never have any contact. Bu i found his email address on the Allgambianews paper. It is
Thanks to the annonymous commentator on his dealings with Mai. It is your right to sort out any financial relations you had with Mai. Interestingly, Brother Faburama posted that he is willing to pay onbehalf of Mai, i don't know if that is appropraite considering the fact that, Mai's version is not known. any way by all means, contact Mai and make your case.

Anonymous said...

dear mr conteh fabourama

i tried indeed to send you a private email, but this email adres does not exist
i give you a real adress

most greetings

Anonymous said...

From Faburama Conteh (

Mr. Touray, thank you again for being a veritable link and conduit of information and expression.

Regarding the allegation of the anonymous writer about Mr. Fatty, we are in personal contact and in the process of verifying the validity of his claim against Mr.Fatty. The onus is on him to respond to my request on this, and if he comes through successfully, I shall respond positively. If he does not respond to my request on this, I will advice him to stop making allegations he cannot prove against people, especially public figures.

In hope him and I can work this out soon, and may be build friendship and invite him to join the many supporters of Mr. Fatty's party.

Taking a loan or buying goods by credit isnt a crime anywhere. Infact, western capitalism is built on credit system, and in the west, 90% of the people are in debt. What is wrong is refusal to pay a debt, and am sure thats not the case here. In the U.S, politicians still continue to pay for goods and services they took during campaigns, and its not a shame. Some people spend the rest of their lives payinag for their mortgages, and others take credit to buy and drive fancy cars. This applies all over Europe, but I agree that all such debts should be paid.

Anonymous said...

yes this is anonymous again

as I said before,my case of obtaining goods under false pretences was only the tip of the iceberg, how can people believe in such a bogus man or where does that man gets the audacity to connect his name with a political movement,

quote newspaper gambia
Lawyer Mai Fatty, a legal practitioner has been dragged to the Banjul High Court yesterday by one Ebrima Sanneh in connection with a piece of land situated in Brufut Tranquil.

The case was presided over by Justice Naceesay Salla-Wadda.

Plaintiff counsel, Edu Gomez, told the court that the defendant Mai Fatty was absent and he believed he is in Swaziland. He said the case had suffered series of adjournments, adding that the defendant Mai Fatty was not appearing while he was still in the jurisdiction. According to Lawyer Gomez the defendant being a legal practitioner himself, was quite knowledgeable about the law and procedures. He added that the defendant was duly served with the process of the suit and failed to appear on the suit pending against him.

Lawyer Gomez further quoted the constitution in support of this submission. He therefore respectively urged the court to enter judgement in favour of the plaintiff in accordance with the summons and particulars of claim. He revealed that he had filed a motion seeking prohibition by the defendant or his agents from the suit pending the determination of the suit before the court.

Testifying before the court, the plaintiff’s wife Fatou Faal-Sanneh told the court that she is the wife of the plaintiff Ebrima Sanneh, and she now stands on behalf of her husband pursuant to a power of attorney. According to Mrs Sanneh she knew the transaction between the plaintiff her husband Ebrima Sanneh and the defendant Mai Fatty. She added that the parties agreed on the sale of piece of land and she had been to the land. She informed the court that the purchase price passed through her to the plaintiff counsel and then to the defendant Mai fatty. She said the defendant Mai Fatty had prepared an agreement to sell the land to the plaintiff Ebrima Sanneh. The agreement was later tendered in court as exhibit.

Mrs Sanneh also identified receipts signed and issued by the defendant Mai Fatty being payment made by the plaintiff Ebrima Sanneh in respect of the said land. She identified a receipt of an amount of D170, 000, a receipt of an amount of D70,000, a receipt of an amount of D30,000, a receipt of an amount of D25,000, a receipt of an amount of D20,000, a receipt of an amount of D40,000 and a receipt of an amount of D85,000. All these receipts were later tendered in court as exhibits respectively. She told the court that after the payment the plaintiff realised that the defendant Mai Fatty had sold the land to a third party. She revealed that her husband and Mai Fatty signed a conveyance. The conveyance certificate was also tendered in court as exhibit. She said Mai Fatty had also paid capital gain tax with respect of the land in question to complete the payment of the land.

Hearing continues today.

Author: Modou Sanyang
Source: Picture: Lawyer Mai N.K. Fatty

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Anonymous said...

mr mai fatti when you going to pay the balance of that car you bought from me, or schould i consider that i m fucked again by you??
you know who...