Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bunama's misleading comments

Bunama wrote something against the sex film topic posted on my coloumn in allgambian news. Check the link and read how he misunderstand my commentary.
My response to him:

Mr editor allow space to respond briefly to the sweeping comments by Bunama against my person. I found it hard to swallow the fact that, Bunama didn’t even read the comments put forward sufficiently and clearly. Bunama has rashly commented about the subject without proper analysis and rational judgement.
When comical Ali, Saddam Hussain’s information minister was addressing the world media as to the strength of the Iraqi Republican guards, he continue to repeat that, ‘I paraphrase’ “we are fighting the enemy, our forces are driving them away, Bagdad is defended adequately”. The minister was just deceiving himself. He knows Iraq has fallen and the entire top military officer have disserted their positions, the enemy were at the gate, the party is over. The logic here is, we can talk moral all we like, but our society is degenerating, that evidence is for all concern to see. Whether here or back in the Gambia.
I am absolutely comfortable with the style the incidence was reported, I divorced the people from the topic and made it possible for people to pick the issues without identifying the parties involved. Bumana couldn’t go much further in his response without naming a certain person living in Bristol. Where did Bunama got the idea that, the place I was referring to is Bristol and not Cardiff? The piece only stated some Gambians in the U.K, which includes Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. It is Bunama who has now focused the readership attention on Bristol and England not me.
It is easy to take brief with somebody whose style of writing one dislikes, but the facts presented shouldn’t blind us to real issues. These rumour are in many places, and yet I avoided telling the readers where it happens, all I did was made Gambians aware that, ‘our moral values are of fundamental significance which requires upholding’. Is that a crime Bunama?
You may close your eyes to the breakdown of the moral fabric in our society, but the fact remains, our societies are in disarray and needs repairing. Truth is painful, especially if the teller is disliked for whatever reason. This matter is more than mere false patriotism to our communities, let’s fact the facts now and halt the demise of our ethical values.
As we exchange ideas, young Gambian boys and girls are sitting chatting to people unknown them in the World Wide Web, what are the social impacts of such of behaviours Bunama? The U.K a country with huge wealth is barely able to cope with the degradation in their society, yet they have the resources to tackle the failings, but unable to do so at the same time. Are you watching and reading about the clear inherent dilemmas brother bumana?
There are more people out there who have seen the video, It is for you to go out again and satisfy your curiosity, just because you didn’t see it doesn’t make the story true or untrue. Tell me, which person or place did i mention that boiled your blood? Certainly, you haven’t an idea who I communicate with and how I came to know about the matter. If that is what irritates you, get over it.
If you mention anybody’s name online trying to buttress your false statements against me, remember, I NEVER MENTION ANY BODY BY NAME OR PLACE OF ORIGIN. I put forward a moral argument which can be applicable to any Gambian where ever he/she may be. If you bring in here another discussion trying to castigate me, then you chose the wrong person. I never told you LT is Lamin, Lang or Lutang. If you cannot pick out from a write-up the central message, then stop reading me, since I intend to comment on social issues regardless of who is offended. The mandinkas who say, “nin ikamalu nyaala, woto kana kunwu busu” (if you are shy of the eyes, then don’t skin an animal’s head). This is a sad case, whether the women involve were married before cohabiting with the said man or after is of little relevance. He betrays them and filmed them unaware; he also filmed more people who he didn’t even have intercourse with. This are facts that have already reached the Gambia, If the topic affect you negatively, then know that, my intention is not to cause offense, but making people vigilant of perverts masquerading among us. If that narrative takes creating characters that I will do.
Gambians honest to themselves has seen the rise in the number of family breakdowns in France, Sweden, England, Spain and many other countries. Are we addressing the underlying causes of these problems? Is anyone collecting surveys and data’s on this important social issues? Figures can help us be alarm at the magnitude of family and social problems shimmering in our communities. Bunama, i don’t know you, neither do you know me, but at least we have manage to express our disagreement publicly without recourse to pocking each other on the face, this are tools of modern society, let’s use the modern mode of communications productively and wisely.
Finally, I am not perfect, neither is anyone I know. But at least, there is suppose to be limitations as to what we can and wouldn’t do. That is my message, reminding myself and others. If this cause offense, and result in me being insulted, I will take it all on the chin. Who said writing is easy?

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Last night, i got a call from a Gambian explaining in grafic details nf the Incident reported above. He said, infact, the Nigerian man was blackmailing some of the Gambian women. He said, "because some of them don't have proper documents, the man made forged documents to help them get jobs, the man demands sexual favours in return for hi forged documents". Also, the man is said to have slept with his own wife's step-mum. This is a man who should be jailed and put behind bars. Stronger words are relevant but that is imappropriate for the internet.
If Bunama don't see the shame and decadence in the filty man's action, i don't know what kind Gambian he is?
indeed, i respect his choice not acknowledge this crime but saddly, that will not hide the fact that, it as happen and is also being discussed by people. The caller also said, the narrator told him, he has a copy of the video. people from Bunama's own town are said to have watched the video to eliminate some other women accussed of being in the videos. Gambians shouldn't allow themselves to be blackmailed for their immigration status. I also heard another sad and backward story yesterday. Another Gambian lady after having intercourse with a Spanish man, demanded two hundred pound for her use. The man responded by saying, he only pay prostitutes for sex, and he enquired whether she is a prostitue? The man then narrate this incident to friend of mine. funnly the lady acknowledged the story and said, "she had sex with the man for enjoyment and that she only needed the money for personal use". Is that not the way people start selling themselves for money? It is becoming a culture among some men to let their wife come to Europe and work whilst they say home and do their civil services work. How can those women take care of themself's and the husman and her family backhome? How can those women go on for two, three years without sex? who is she going to have it with? What will happen to the talk about AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases. May God help us.